Alphenaar Research Lab

The Alphenaar laboratory contains facilities for electrical and optical characterization of advanced optical and electrical devices as a function of temperature, magnetic field, and gas environment.

Processes and Equipment

  • Optical Characterization
    • Spectra-Physics FS
    • Roper Scientific CCD Imaging Spectrometer
    • Walker Scientific 1T electromagnet with optical access
    • Nanonics Near Field Scanning Optical Microscope
    • Surelite I YSG laser
    • HeCD Laser
    • Argon-ion Laser
  • Low Temperature Characterization
    • Janis variable temperature cryostat 1.5-300K with 9T magnet
    • Leiden Cryogenics 500 mW dilution refrigerator with 9T magnet
    • Janis Research optical flow cryostat with temperature control
    • Desert Cryogenics variable temperature probe station
    • Homebuilt system for simultaneous thermoelectric power and four probe resistivity measurements
  • Nanostructure Synthesis
    • Laser vaporatization and chemical laser deposition systems
    • Thermolyne furnaces
    • Edwards pressure and flow controllers
    • Planar Etch IIA plasma system

Core scientific and technical staff:

The staff includes the following:

  • Director,Dr. Bruce Alphenaar, ECE Chair, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Current PhD. Students: Kasun Fernando, Kiran Medepallivenkata, and Buddika Abeyweera
  • Current Master's Students: Sowmya Kolli, and Austin Carver


A list of  funded projects can be found on the Alphenaar Research Group website @

For more information

Detailed information on the lab’s research themes, publications, related courses, and other related links can be found online  at You may also contact Dr. Alphenaar via email or by phone at 502/852-1554.