Facility Renovations & Maintenance Requests

It is the responsibility of the Dean's Office to oversee the research space within the Speed School of Engineering (SSoE) and to guarantee that it is being used effectively to maximize the research productivity, educational mission, and overall reputation of the school. The Associate Dean of Research & Facilities (ADRF) will coordinate this activity with input from the Dean, Associate Deans, Chairs of the SSoE Academic Departments, and the Directors of the university-recognized core facilities and research centers/institutes. Requests for new space or reallocation of existing space should be forwarded to the ADRF along with a detailed explanation of the rationale for the request and an analysis of its impact (positive and negative) on others who might be affected by the decision.

Facility Maintenance

Maintenance of existing space is generally the responsibility of the party assigned to the space. In the case of non-assigned space or exceptions to the above policy, maintenance requests should be forwarded to the appropriate party listed below.

Physical Plant:  852-6241   will direct your call for most University Needs
Important Direct University Lines:
Heating and Air  852-7366
House Keeping 852-8200
Parking 852-7275

Projector Light Bulbs and Computers

The Speed IT Group is responsible for the replacement of all projector light bulbs in the SSoE. They should be contacted directly for such requests. Speed IT is also available to assist faculty and staff setting up and maintaining their work-related computers and laptops.

Speed  School Technical Issues and Improvements:
Projector Issues :  Speed IT 852- 7620
Computer Issue: Speed IT 852- 7620
Cable Issue: Mike Miller 502-472-5240
Classroom technology Improvements: Mike Miller 502-472-5240
Facilities Redesigns: Mike Miller 502-472-5240

Facility Renovations

Renovations of existing space are generally the responsibility of the party assigned to the space. Any classroom and open space renovation will need to be reviewed by the Interior Design and Planning Committee to ensure consistency in design and look.  This committee consists of Kari Donahue, Courtney Gagel and Mike Miller. Exceptions to this policy will be handled on a case by case basis and should be forwarded to the ADRF along with a justification, a detailed explanation of the proposed work, and an estimate of its financial cost. The ADRF should be notified when any renovations or changes are planned, no matter who assumes the financial burden, so that all university policies and safety issues are properly addressed.

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Associate Dean of Research & Facilities (ADRF)
Prof. Kevin Walsh
Email Dr. Kevin Walsh

SSoE Facility Manager
William Michael Miller (Mike)
Email Mike Miller

Speed IT
(502) 852-7620
Email Speed IT
Visit Speed IT's website