Jim Watters

Professor, Chemical Engineering


Dr. Watters has been a member of the Chemical Engineering faculty at University of Louisville since 1977 when he graduated with the PhD from University of Maryland. He has been department chair for most of the years since 1990. He also holds an MS-Chemical Engineering degree from University of Maryland and a BE(Chemical) from University College Dublin, a branch of the National University of Ireland. A native of Dublin, Ireland, Jim enjoys all things Irish -- history, music, language and literature.

Teaching Interests

Since coming to UofL Jim has taught at one time or other most of the courses in the undergraduate Chemical Engineering curriculum. Along the way he developed new senior undergraduate/graduate electives in Polymer Kinetics and Membrane-based Separation Processes. His current teaching assignments include process safety and design and a new freshman "Introduction to Chemical Engineering" which he developed and first taught in spring 2012.

Research Interests

Jim's research interests include water treatment and conservation, process safety and health issues and education pedagogy. Goals of the research include: Water, wastewater and groundwater treatment and recovery, and  developement of novel teaching and learning methodology related to delivering engineering courses. His research has been funded in the past by NSF, DOE and  Commonwealth of Kentucky agencies.