Zhihui Sun

Dept. Chair, Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering


Dr. Sun became the acting department chair of Civil and Environmental Engineering on July 1st, 2017. She is a member of ACI technical committee 228 (Non destructive testing), 236 (Material science) and 238 (fresh properties). She has been awarded research funding from the National Science Foundation, Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, and Portland Cement Association.

Teaching Interests

Dr. Sun teaches fundamental structural courses on undergraduate and graduate levels.

Research Interests

Dr. Sun's research interests focus on construction materials, early-age properties of concrete, nondestructive testing, microstructure, and numerical simulation.

She studies hydration kinetics of cementitious materials for concrete; material characterizing on nano/micro-structural level for concrete during setting;
micro-structure and mechanical properties of recycled aggregate concrete; testing and health monitoring of concrete at early age.