Kevin Murphy

Professor, Dept. Chair, Mechanical Engineering


Prof. Murphy earned his B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics from the University of Michigan and his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Duke University. His research focuses on nonlinear dynamics, vibrations and stability. But his work also touches on solid mechanics, fracture mechanics, and signal processing. He has been awarded a NASA GSRP Fellowship, a National Science Foundation CAREER Award, and several other competitive grants in support of his research program. He has also received several awards for distinguished teaching, in addition to being recognized by both branches of the Connecticut State Legislature for teaching excellence.

Teaching Interests

Prof. Murphy has taught fifteen different courses. These include undergraduate solid mechanics, dynamics, vibrations, and linear systems modeling to name a few. At the graduate level, he has taught such courses as advanced dynamics I and II, vibrations, nonlinear oscillations, acoustics, and energy methods in elasticity

Research Interests

Prof. Murphy's research interests include nonlinear dynamics, vibrations and stability, as well as solid mechanics, fracture mechanics, and signal processing. Particular applications involve using vibrations in structural health monitoring (SHM), adhesion/sticking contact in MEMS devices, and vibrations in manufacturing problems.