Keng Hsu

Assoc. Prof., Mechanical Engineering


Prof. Hsu grew up in the machine shops and has been in the fields of Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering, and Materials Science for the past 20 years. After working in the industry as a mechanical design engineer and manufacturing project lead, he returned to academia for advanced study in materials and manufacturing. He received his Ph.D in Mechanical Science and Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2009, and has since then devoted his professional life to engineering research, mentoring and teaching engineers, as well as developing engineering products.  He values learning by doing and creating new knowledge by exploring the unknown.  His continuing learning and research work in the area of materials and material-process interaction that spans the fundamental and applied ends of the research spectrum is supported by public and private industry funding. 

Teaching Interests

Prof. Hsu’s teaching interests are in Engineering Materials, Materials Science in Manufacturing, Manufacturing Processes, Materials Processing, Additive Manufacturing, and manufacturing-related topics.

Research Interests

Prof. Hsu’s research revolves around advanced manufacturing at multiple scales in both top-down (subtractive) and bottom-up (additive) approach. Specifically, scalable nanomanufacturing process development, metal/semiconductor/metal-semicon hybrid nanomaterials for energy conversion and storage, additive manufacturing process development, engineered anisotropic materials by additive processes, meso-structure materials, metamaterials, plasmonics, solid-state electrochemistry are some of his current research areas.