Gautam Gupta

Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering


Teaching Interests

Dr. Gupta will be teaching Physical Chemistry in Spring 2017. In the following years, Dr. Gupta envisions to develop courses in transport and kinetics and an elective in materials characterization.

Research Interests

Dr. Gupta key research is in the area of energy sustainability. Dr. Gupta was a Staff Scientist prior to joining University of Louisville. Dr. Gupta works in area of catalysis with emphasis on water splitting and fuel cells. The research is to develop novel materials based on carbon structures and transition metal dichalcogenides for applications in heterogeneous catalysis. Second research area is focused on developing hybrid perovskites for solar cells, LEDs and detectors. Finally, Dr. Gupta is working on developing silica based gels for encapsulation of sensitive biomolecules for their long-term storage at room-temperature. Since 2014 Dr. Gupta has published his research in high impact journals including, Science, Nature, Nature Materials, Nature Comm., Science Advances and others.