Jim Gerstle

Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering


Jim Gerstle is an Assistant Professor (Term) in the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Louisville. Jim has over 30 years of experience working for Exxon, Amoco, BP and the University of Louisville. He has degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of Tennessee (PhD) and the University of Louisville (MEng/BS).

Jim spent the first twenty years of his career as an advanced process control engineer and project manager at refineries and exploration sites in North America, Europe, and Australia. His years with Exxon included being a project lead for spreading DMC technology throughout Exxon and later building a DMC and advanced control program at Amoco.

In 2004 Jim began working in the area of risk identification and management (i.e. safety and operational risk). First as a team leader in Compliance & Ethics and then as an operations audit manager. During this time Jim led audits throughout North America, Europe, Africa and Australia on a diverse set of operations and processes. During this time Jim also attended the Operations Academy at MIT and was a first responder for the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill as the Planning Section Chief of the Houston Command Center.

In 2014 Jim retired from BP and subsequently joined the University of Louisville, J.B. Speed School of Engineering as the Director - Engineering Career Development and then in 2016 Jim joined the Chemical Engineering Faculty.


Dr. Gerstle’s research interests are in the areas of process control, optimization, process safety and risk management.


Dr. Gerstle will be teaching Process Control, Unit Operations Laboratory and Project Fundamentals at the undergraduate and graduate level.