Hermann B. Frieboes

Associate Professor, Bioengineering


The goal of Dr. Frieboes' work is to apply physical sciences and engineering principles to better understand disease progression and treatment response. A main interest has been to seek improved cancer treatment outcomes. Dr. Frieboes’ post-doctoral and doctoral studies focused on the interdisciplinary development and integration of experimental biology, mathematical modeling, and computational simulation techniques applied to the study of cancer growth. This work is part of the burgeoning field of “Physical Oncology,” in which cancer is studied not only from a biological standpoint but also complementarily as a physical system using mathematics and physics principles. Dr. Frieboes’ expertise includes the analysis and prediction of solid tumor growth, vascularization, and treatment response as a function of cancer micro-environmental characteristics and new therapies. In previous experience as an engineer working in industry, Dr. Frieboes acquired knowledge and practice in system design and development, theory and algorithms, software development, and project and personnel management.

Academic Experience

  • Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Biotransport
  • Modeling of Biological Phenomena
  • Senior Project Design
  • Bioethics

Research Experience

  • Study of tumor progression as a function of molecular- and cell-scale events.
  • Advancement of mathematical modeling and computational simulation to characterize tumor growth.
  • Modeling and simulation of nanotherapy and immunotherapy.
  • Integration of experimentation and modeling to characterize cancer treatment response.
  • Application of computation for improved disease analysis and patient management.
  • Big data science analysis of biomedical datasets

Service Experience

  • Undergraduate student engagement to study cancer in the laboratory and via computational simulation.
  • Outreach to high school students interested in the application of mathematics, physics, and computation to the study of biology and medicine.
  • Bioethics in engineering and in medicine.