Gary Eisenmenger

Instructor, Engineering Fundamentals


Mr. Eisenmenger has over 30 years of experience as a teacher/practitioner in the areas of construction technology, architectural design and engineering graphics. His personal experiences in the field, combined with his natural curiosity regarding the built environment and advances in technology, continue to influence his teaching as he works to help students learn how to use traditional and current techniques to visualize their creations.

Academic Experience

As the Engineering Graphics instructor at Speed School, Mr. Eisenmenger is able to share his affinity for design and drawing with new generations of students as they begin their journey into the field of engineering. He is particularly interested in developing new ways to deliver instruction that will help students learn techniques that will help them develop their visualization skills, as well as the mechanics of producing the drawings required in industry.

Research Experience

While not currently involved in any research projects; Mr. Eisenmenger holds four U.S. Patents related to the construction and automotive industries.

Service Experience

Each year Mr. Eisenmenger offers his services to sponsor a team of students as they design and build their entry for the Mickey R. Wilhelm Solar Flight Competition.