Michael Croasdaile

Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering


Michael Croasdaile, PhD., is an Assistant Professor in the Stream Institute in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He received his PhD from the University of Nottingham (UK) working with Drs. Colin Thorne and Nick Clifford on coarse sediment transport and riffle-pool formation in bedrock influenced streams.

Research Interests

Developing methods to assess stream restoration projects; understanding causes and sources of habitat impairments in Kentucky streams; understanding interactions between fine sediment transport and bed substrate (causes and impacts of embeddedness); using time series data to understand behaviour of complex environmental systems; using dendrogeomorphic methods to understand bank erosion processes; developing sediment budgets for coarse and fine sediment loads; applying fundamental knowledge about transport, chemical reactions, and biological processes to understand the mobility and fate of a fairly wide range of environmentally-relevant substances, including sediments, nutrients, and pathogens.

My current research goals include understanding the source and cause of impairments in the Sinking Creek watershed (Laurel County) and Brushy Creek watershed (Pulaski County); understanding the overall state of stream health and threats to water quality in the Jessamine Creek watershed (Jessamine County); and developing methods to quantify the hydrological and water quality changes due to stream restorations projects throughout Kentucky.