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Academic Advising Office Hours
Monday through Friday
8:30 a.m. till 4:30 p.m.
Lower Level of J.B. Speed Bldg.
(502) 852-8084
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Susan BestBest, SusanJ.B. Speed,
Room LL30
(502) 852-0437Email
Susan Best
Headshot of Brittney BlakeBlake, BrittanyJ.B. Speed,
Room LL27
(502) 852-0398Email Brittany Blake
Image Not AvailableDennis, HollyJ.B. Speed,
Room LL18
(502) 852-4021Email
Holly Dennis
Headshot of Kim KernsKerns, Kim ShermanJ.B. Speed,
Room 018
(502) 852-4979Email
Kim Sherman Kerns
Headshot of Heather Mann Mann, HeatherJ.B. Speed,
Room LL28
(502) 852-4006Email
Heather Mann
Headshot of Jessica NewsomNewsom, JessicaJ.B. Speed,
Room LL22
(502) 852-7781Email Jessica Newsom
olinerNatalie_headshoteOliner, NatalieJ.B. Speed,
Room LL25
(502) 852-1229Email
Natalie Oliner
PlymateJen_headshotZoller, JenJ.B. Speed,
Room LL29
(502) 852-0901Email
Jen Zoller