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Micro-Scale Testing Laboratory (MSTL) - LH 316

The Micro-Scale Testing Laboratory serves as a preparation and materials testing facility for micro-scale specimens. Laboratory equipment includes a Leica optical microscope system with fluorescence imaging capabilities and a micro-tensile/bending testing fixture. Additional lab features are two fume hoods, a wet-saw, ultrasonic baths, multiple hot-plates, and a heating/cryo microscope stage.

Most research conducted within the lab focuses on material behavior and failure of thin film systems used in MEMS applications. Of great interest to the research group are topics of film cracking, delamination, blistering, buckling, and defect initiation.

Current studies underway include:

  • Analysis of thin films mechanical properties via fluorescent-based digital image correlation.
  • Optimization and reliability of CuInS thin film solar cells.
  • Die separation strength and defect rate for DRIE and dicing saw notched silicon wafers.
  • Patterning of carbon nanotube networks using cracked thin films.
Dr. Thomas A. Berfield directs the MSTL, which is located in Room 316 of Lutz Hall.
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