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Functional Biomechanics Laboratory (FBL) - LH 221

The Functional Biomechanics Laboratory is devoted to studying the kinematics and kinetics of functional movement. Interests in functional movement span across clinical, athletic and occupational domains. Particular clinical areas of interest include orthopaedics, physiatry, and neurology. Athletic investigations involve weight lifting, jumping/landing and shot putting. Occupational interests involve performance enhancement, work related injury prevention, and body segment parameter estimation.

The laboratory houses instrumentation for tracking motion, as well as measuring ground reaction loading and muscle activity. Motion tracking is performed with an Eight Camera Hawk Motion Tracking System (Motion Analysis Corporation, Santa Rosa, CA). Ground reaction loading is obtained via two six-channel force platforms (Bertec Corporation, Columbus, OH). Muscle activity is recorded with two eight-channel telemetered electromyography (EMG) systems (Delsys Incorporated, Boston, MA). The motion tracking system, force platforms and one of the EMG units are fully integrated; while the remaining EMG unit is portable.

Dr. Peter M. Quesada directs the SSL.

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