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Mechanical Engineering Department Personnel

Full-Time FacultyEmeritus Faculty, Professional Staff



 Thomas A. Berfield, Assistant Professor
Research interests: thin films, micro-scale sensors and devices, digital image correlation, advanced materials. 
 Matt R. Bohm, Assistant Professor
Research interests: design information archival and reuse, AI algorithms in automated concept generation, engineering design with information data discovery, and AI based concept generation techniques.
 Roger D. Bradshaw, Associate Professor
Research interests: time-dependent behavior of polymers and polymer matrix composites, macro- and micromechanical modeling of reinforced polymers, MEMS-based microcantilever gas sensors, finite element analysis, aerospace structures.
 Ellen G. Brehob, Associate Professor
Research interests: flame propagation, pulverized coal combustion.
 W. Geoffrey Cobourn, Professor
Research interests: air pollution control, industrial energy conservation and pollution prevention, turbomachinery.
 Michael L. Day, Professor and Associate Dean
Research interests: computer-aided engineering, finite element analysis, computational biomechanics.
 William P. Hnat, Professor
Research interests: biomechanics, experimental measurement techniques, dynamic modeling, acoustics and vibration.
 Yongsheng Lian, Assistant Professor
Research interests: computational fluid dynamics, fluid/structure interaction, micro air vehicle, bio-fluids, turbomachinery, and CFD-based design optimization.
 Kevin D. Murphy, Professor and Chairman
Research interests: nonlinear dynamics and vibrations, nonlinear elasticity, stability.
 Gary M. Osborne, Assistant Professor (Term)
Research interests: development of vehicle modeling methodologies, algorithms, and software analysis tools.
 Balaji Panchapakesan, Professor
Research interests: application of micro- and nanotechnology to opto-mechanical systems used for the sensing, imaging and treatment of cancer.
 Y. Sam Park, Assistant Professor
Research interests: electrochemical systems for energy conversion and storage, catalytic fuel processing for clean energy applications, composite materials' development for sustainable energy (fuel cells, biofuels). 
 Glen Prater, Professor
Research interests: automotive structural analysis, design software development, computer modeling and simulation, mechanical design, system dynamics, vibration and acoustics.
 Peter M. Quesada, Professor
Research interests: biomechanics and orthopedics.  
 Christopher M. Richards, Associate Professor
Research interests: linear and nonlinear vibrations, dynamics and controls.
 M. Keith Sharp, Professor
Research interests: renewable/sustainable energy technologies, biofluid mechanics.
 Stuart J. Williams, Assistant Professor
Research interests: fluid dynamics, micro- and nanofluidics, particle image velocimetry (PIV), Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS), Lab-on-a-Chip systems, and  colloidal self-assembly. 

Emeritus Faculty

 Hsing Chuang, Professor Emeritus
Research interests: fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and robotics. Retired 1992.
 Robert L. Collins, Professor Emeritus
Research interests: dynamic system analysis and design. Retired 1998.
 George C. Lindauer, Professor Emeritus
Research interests: engineering education, heat transfer and fluid mechanics. Retired 1998.
 Ronald A. Mann, Professor Emeritus
Research interests: neural networks and genetic algorithms, computer enhanced instruction, non-linear dynamics. Retired 2011.
 Robert E. Stewart, Professor Emeritus
Research interests: heat transfer, HVAC, and fluid mechanics. Retired 1995.
 Julius P. Wong, Professor Emeritus
Research interests: computational mechanics, computer aided engineering and materials. Retired 2010.

Professional Staff

 J. Sue Jones
Program Coordinator Senior.
Office: 200 Sackett Hall, telephone: 502-852-6331.
 John C. Jones
Manager Technical Services
Office: 200 Sackett Hall, telephone: 502-852-6339.
 Diane L. Jenne
Administrative Assistant.
Office: 200 Sackett Hall, telephone: 502-852-6331.



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