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2009 Homecoming Queen: Michele Harpring

Homecoming Queen Michele HarpringHometown:

Louisville, KY

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Expected year of graduation: May 2011 (MEng)

Favorite food: Macaroni and Cheese

Favorite band\type of music: Jimmy Buffett

Job: Student Assistant in Engineering Fundamentals Advising Office.  I also co-oped at GE for 3 semesters.

What is your favorite class?
Heat Transfer- the subject matter is geared toward what I would like to pursue after graduation

What have you liked most about your Speed School experience so far?
Everything!  I love that Speed School is a very tight-knit community.  Engineers, I have found, bond easily with other engineers and we stick together.  I’ve also loved getting involved with Speed School Student Council- through SSSC, I’ve had the opportunity to plan events for Speed, build my resume, and create some great friendships that have really helped me throughout my time at U of L so far.

What is the one thing you want prospective students to know?
It is possible to be an engineer and have a life!  While Speed School has a very rigorous curriculum, students are not necessarily limited to just class and studying.  In my experience, I have not had a semester with “free time”- I got involved in many RSO’s during my freshman year and have held many leadership positions and I still have a 3.40 GPA.

Best advice since entering Speed School?
Get involved on campus!  Finding organizations that I am passionate about and taking leadership positions not only built my resume, it gave me a break from my coursework.  Focusing solely on school will drive a student crazy in time, however, getting involved in an RSO, SGA, or Greek Life can help a student take a break from engineering, provide important resume builders, and allow for a student to create friendships across campus and network with some of the deans and other Student Activities staff, which can be very beneficial in the end.

Three reasons to choose Speed School:

  1. It is a small college in a large university setting, allowing engineering students to have the large university experience, while maintaining a small class size.
  2. Our accredited degrees paired with our co-op program put our students ahead of all other graduates across the country.
  3. Speed students stick together- classmates become very close very fast!!


Why did you chose to run for UofL Homecoming Court?
I was so honored to be nominated by the Speed School Student Council, that I couldn’t help but say yes!  This was my second time being nominated by SSSC and I wanted to represent council as best I could.

What was your reaction to being crowned Queen/King?
I was shocked.  I was so excited about just being named to Court, that I didn’t honestly think that I would actually win Queen.  I am still so astounded that I won, and I have to thank all the students in Speed School, for I know that without their support, Ahmed and I wouldn’t have had this honor.

What are your responsibilities for your reign?
Part of my responsibility will be to serve as one of the emcees during the Campus Life awards next semester, in addition to attending the 2010 Homecoming Game to pass on the crown to the next queen.  I will also represent the University of Louisville in the 2010 Kentucky Mountain Laurel Festival in Pineville, KY.

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