2010 IE Reserach Projects

  • Real-time Decision Support System for Use in Healthcare and Public Health”, Department of Homeland Security, PI: S.S. Heragu, various co-PI’s, $3,314,000, Jan. 2010—Dec 2012
  • RFID Technologies – Tech Center at the University of Louisville”, Department of the Navy, Defense Logistics Agency, PI – Heragu, various co-PI’s, $1,720,000. Sep 2010—Feb 2012.
  • Collaborative Proposal: EArly-concept Grants for Exploratory Research (EAGER): Design Principles for Warehouses with Autonomous Vehicles (WAVE)”, National Science Foundation, PI’s:S.S. Heragu (University of Louisville) and A. Krishnamurthy (University of Wisconsin-Madison),$260,000, Oct 2009—Sep 2011.
  • Direct Digital Manufacturing Phase I , Office of Naval Research, PI: Usher, Co-PI, Starr, Gornet, $1.2 million, Dec 2008—Jun 2011.
  • Direct Digital Manufacturing Phase II , Office of Naval Research, PI- Starr, Co-PI: Usher, Gornet, Stucker. $1.35 million, Jul 2010—Sep 2012.