2009 IE Research Projects

10 Projects with total of $10.3 million in Force:


  1. “A Wireless Electronic Monitoring System for Securing Milk from Farm to  Processor”, $1,500,000, The National Institute for Homeland Security, Co-PIs,  Alexander, S.M., Fred Payne (UK), William Crist (UK), Tim Stombaugh(UK), Chris Thompson(UK), Phillip Womble (WKU)
  2. “Development and Field Testing of a Shopping Mall and Public Facility HVAC Explosives Monitoring System”, $1,205,184,  The National Institute of Homeland Security, Co-PIs Alexander, S.M,  Robert Keynton, Kevin Walsh, John Naber, Thomas Roussel, Michael Martin, Douglas Jackson.
  3. “Quantifying the Costs and Benefits of Product Variety on Key Performance Measures”, $50,000, CELDi and Emcien, Co-PIs, Evans, G.W., Heragu, S.
  4. “Real-time Decision Support System for Use in Healthcare and Public Health”, $3,314,000, Department of Homeland Security, Co-PI’s, S.S. Heragu (Project Director), Usher, Alexander, Evans, DePuy,  Chen. January 5, 2010-December 31, 2012.
  5. “RFID Technologies – Tech Center at the University of Louisville”, $1,800,000, Department of the Navy, PI, Heragu, Co-PI, Usher.
  6. “Conceptualization Tools for Unit Load Warehouse Design Based on Autonomous Vehicle Technology”, $340,350, National Science Foundation, Co-PI’s S.S. Heragu, A. Krishnamurthy and Charles J. Malmborg. Aug 2005-Sept 2009.
  7. “Collaborative Research: Center for Logistics and Distribution (CELDi)”, $505,000, National Science Foundation; Under CELDi, there are several research projects with companies such as Naval Surface Warfare Center, Factory Physics, Emcien, and others, Co-PI’s, S.S. Heragu (Current Director), J.S. Usher and G. Don Taylor (Past Directors). July 2002-June 2011.
  8. “Collaborative Proposal: EArly-concept Grants for Exploratory Research (EAGER): Design Principles for Warehouses with Autonomous Vehicles (WAVE)”, $260,000, National Science Foundation, Co-PI’s S.S. Heragu (Project Director) and A. Krishnamurthy (University of Wisconsin-Madison). October 1, 2009-September 30, 2011.
  9. “Collaborative Supplemental Research: Studying the Impact of RFID in the Design and Analysis of Next Generation Distribution and Logistical Systems”, $149,911, National Science Foundation, S.S. Heragu (Director), R. Ingalls (Oklahoma State University) Co-PI’s R. Ingalls Aug 2008-July 2009.
  10. “Direct Digital Manufacturing”, $1.2 million, Office of Naval Research, PI-Usher, Co-PIs  Starr, Gornet, June 2008- July 2011.