2008 IE Research Projects

Contracts in Force (19 projects totaling $5.363 million in force):

  1. “A Wireless Electronic Monitoring System for Securing Milk from Farm to Processor”, S.M. Alexander, with Fred Payne (UK), William Crist (UK), Tim Stombaugh(UK), Chris Thompson(UK), Phillip Womble (WKU), $1,500,000.
  2. “Development and Field Testing of a Shopping Mall and Public Facility HVAC Explosives Monitoring System”, S. M. Alexander, with Keynton, Walsh, Naber, Roussel, Martin, and Jackson, $1,205,184.
  3. “Evaluation and Injury Prevention among Sonographers”, N. Campbell with P. Quesada, UofL Hospital, $17,800, May 07-Mar 08.
  4. “Improving Safety and Ergonomics at EON Facilities-Phase I-II”, N. Campbell, with K. Cooper, EON-US, $96,000, 6/08 – 12/08.
  5. “Ergonomics Training for Managers and Employees in Small Business foundries”, N. Campbell with K. Cooper, Dept Labor, OSHA, $165,000, 10/08-10/09.
  6. “Muscle Fatigue and Oxygen Saturation Level”, N. Campbell, Somanetics Inc., $25,000, 2006-2008.
  7. “Effect of tablet PC usage on Musculoskeletal Discomfort and Educational Outcomes”, N. Campbell, with K. Cooper, C Sommerich, $10,000, University of Louisville.
  8. “Factory Physics”, L. Chen, with H. Heragu, $50,000, Factory Physics Inc, 2008-2009.
  9. “Large-Scale Workforce Training Schedule for Logistics Skills-CELDi Membership”, DePuy, G., and J Usher, NSWC – Crane, $50,000, 7/06-6/07.
  10. “A Multiobjective Decision Support System for Workforce training and Logistics Project Scheduling”, DePuy, G., Evans, G.,  CELDI – Center Designated Project, $40,000, 9/07-9/08.
  11. “Automated Demand Characterization and Requirements Determination””, DePuy, G.,  with Yongpei Guan, CELDI – Center Designated Project, $40,000, 6/07-7/08.
  12. “Analysis of Trucking Strategies at GE”, General Electric Appliances, Evans, G., and S. Heragu, $50,000, 8/1/06 to 1/31/08.
  13. “Quantifying the Costs and Benefits of Product Variety on Key Performance Measures”, Evans, G., and Heragu, S.,  Emcien, $50,000, 9/07-8/08.
  14. “A simulation based Tool for Workforce Planning at Louisville MetroSafe”,  Evans, G.,  Louisville Metro Government, $29,000, 9/07-2/08.
  15. “Application of Decision Analytic Methods to Project and Risk Management Functions at NASA”, Evans, G.,  NASA Space Consortium Grant, $30,000, 6/07-4/08.
  16. “Conceptualization Tools for Unit Load Warehouse Design Based on Autonomous Vehicle Technology”, National Science Foundation, S.S. Heragu, with A. Krishnamurthy and Charles J. Malmborg, $340,350, 8/05-7/08.
  17. “Collaborative Research: Center for Logistics and Distribution (CELDi)”, National Science Foundation, S.S. Heragu and J.S. Usher, $405,000 6/02-7/12.
  18. “Collaborative Supplemental Research: Studying the Impact of RFID in the Design and Analysis of Next Generation Distribution and Logistical Systems, National Science Foundation, Heragu, S. $149,911, Aug 2008-July 2009.
  19. “Direct Digital Manufacturing Research”, Usher, J.S., with Starr, T. and Gornet, T., $1,160,000, Office of Naval Research, Jan 2009-June 2010.


International Educational Programs:

  • PhD in Industrial Engineering Program in Germany, W.E. Biles, J.S. Usher, Intake 1 - $1,250,000 from June 2009-July 2012.
  • MEng in Engineering Management Program in Panama, W. E. Biles, J.S, Usher, Intakes 11, 12, 13 – $400,000 from Mar 2007-July 2011.