2006 IE Research Projects

Contracts in Force (16 projects)

  1. “A Wireless Electronic Monitoring System for Securing Milk from Farm to Processor”, S.M. Alexander, with Fred Payne (UK), William Crist (UK), Tim Stombaugh(UK), Chris Thompson(UK), Phillip Womble (WKU), $1,500,000,
  2. “Development and Field Testing of a Shopping Mall and Public Facility HVAC Explosives Monitoring System”, S. M. Alexander, with Robert Keynton, Kevin Walsh, John Naber, Thomas Roussel, Michael Martin, Douglas Jackson, $1,205,184.
  3. “Behavior and Damage Criteria During Repetitive Motion of the Human Lumbar Spine”, N. Campbell-Kyureghyan,with M. Voor, Source IRIG MRG_UofL; Department of Orthop. Surgery; Department of Industrial, $51,216,  1/06-1/07.
  4. “Muscle Fatigue and Oxygen Saturation Leve”, N. Campbell-Kyureghyan, Somanetics Inc., $25,000, 2006-2008.
  5. "Anatomical, Biomechanical and Neurological Predispositions and Processes in FocalHand Dystonia” Campbell-Kyureghyan, N.,with  Quesada, P., Leijnse, J. (PI), IRIG RG $10,000, 01/06-1/07.
  6. “Safety and Health Engineering Center”, Campbell-Kyureghyan, N., Evans, G., Quesada, P., Karwowski, W. (PI), NSF/UC/UofL, $68,000, 8/06-7/07.
  7. “Dynamic Financial Analysis Methods on Portfolio and Risk Management”, L. Chen, $4000, University of Louisville. 2006-2007.
  8. “Large-Scale Workforce Training Schedule for Logistics Skills-CELDi Membership”, DePuy, G., and J Usher, NSWC – Crane, $50,000, 7/06-6/07.
  9. “Inventory, Distribution, and Value-Added Activities Analysis – CELDi Membership” DePuy, G., Usher, J., Evans, G.,  N. Glantz and Sons, $50,000, 7/05-6/06.
  10. “Workforce Training Schedule for Logistics Skills-CELDi Membership”, Usher, J., DePuy, J.,  NSWC-Crane, $50,000, 7/05-6/06.
  11. “Analysis of Trucking Strategies at GE”, General Electric Appliances, Evans, G., and S. Heragu, $50,000, 8/1/06 to 7/30/07.
  12. “Conceptualization Tools for Unit Load Warehouse Design Based on Autonomous Vehicle Technology”, National Science Foundation, S.S. Heragu, with A. Krishnamurthy and Charles J. Malmborg, $300,000, 8/05-7/08.
  13. “Collaborative Research: Center for Logistics and Distribution (CELDi)”, National Science Foundation, S.S. Heragu and J.S. Usher, $316,000 6/02-7/07.
  14. “Development of a Neuro-Fuzzy System to Predict Spinal Loading as a Function of Multiple Dimensions of Risk, DHHS-NIOSH /Ohio State University, Karwowski, W., with. Zurada, $455,609, 10/01/02 - 9/31/07.
  15. “Research Experience for Teachers – (RET)”, NSF, Usher, J., Kasting, K., and Bowman, C., Crothersville, HS, $20,000, 7/05—6/06.
  16. Biles, W. E., J. P. C. Kleijnen and W. van Beers, “Kriging and Constrained Simulation Optimization,” funded by NWO (The Netherlands National Science Foundation), January-May 2007, $10,500.