Vogt Engineering Center

The Vogt Engineering Center is a research and support unit of Speed School, and accommodates the Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory (previously titled Factory Automation Lab) and the Dahlem Supercomputer Laboratory (previously titled Computer Aided Design Lab). The Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory includes a rapid prototyping facility, a Haas Technical Education Center, assorted advanced manufacturing utilities, and a traditional machine shop. Equipment in the lab is used by faculty students and staff for a variety of instructional and research needs. Undergraduate IE students use the lab in the IE 320 Manufacturing Processes course and graduate students use the lab in the IE 600 Advanced Manufacturing Processes course.

Also available is Adelie (the Speed School supercomputer) and a presentation facility with online web conferencing. The Dahlem Supercomputer Laboratory hosts 30 computers (Windows Vista), accommodation for individual laptops, and printing. Adelie is an AMD Operton distributed computational cluster running SUSE Linux, with 2 master nodes and 27 batch nodes. General access to Adelie is available throughout the university wide-area network by NX client (Nomachine).

Student use of these facilities is generally restricted by need, but use of the computer lab and accounts on Adelie are available to all Speed School students.