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Laboratories and Equipment

1. EH 303 A:

  (a)  Liquid chromatography and fraction collector from Pharmacia.

  (b)  Immmuno-Optical Biosensor (Analyte 2000 & trade) from Research International.

  (c)  Atomic Absorption Spectrometer.

  (b)  ELISA reader, incubator, -70 degree deep freezer, ultrasound sonicator, water bath.

  (e)  One Desktop for Lab use and two laptops for Biosensor.

  (f)  BIACORE  is used surface plasmon resonance.


2. EH 303B:

  (a)  Time Resolved Spectroscopy (TRS) for breast cancer detection data reduction and image visualization. .

  (b)  Continuous Wave Spectroscopy (CWS-RunMana) from NTR Sales, Inc. for the

        diagnosis if  vascular malfunction in legs. 

  (c)  Two Desktops one for the TRS system and the other for Lab use. One laptop for lab use.

3. EH 303C:

  (a) Alternating Electromagnetic Field Generator for non-invasive hyperthermia.

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