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Guide for Grad Students


 I. Full time graduate student status

 Before the candidacy status, minimum 9 credits are required for a full time student.

II. Travel support for professional conferences

You need to turn in

  • GSC: fill out the electronic request form on the website and submit it.

  • Home department : You have to send a request email  to the department chair.

  • International center : The International center will support for international conference.  Go to the International center website and fill out the request form.

After you return from the travel, you can request the reimburse your travel expenses.

III. Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy

See the chemical engineering Ph.D guidelines for  degree requirements. A copy can be obtained from Ms. Patricia Lumley.  

Guidelines for Ph.D Degree:

A. Qualification requirements for Ph.D candidacy :

A student, admitted to the department's Ph.D. program adn in good standing with the Graduate School, must pass both Written Examination and Dissertation Research Proposal to attain Ph.D. candidacy.

1. Written Examination: Three problem sections in the areas of "Transport Phenomena", "Reactor Design" and "Thermodynamics" must be completed over three days. These examinations may be either "take-home" or "in-class", at the discretion of the faculty member assigned to prepare the particular problem. Students who received A-, A or A+ in "Transport Phenomena" (CHE 620), Advanced Reactor Design (CHE 641) and Advanced Thermodynamics (CHE 610) are exempt from the examination on that topic. For courses taken in the institutions other than U of L, the Graduate Program Cordinator must approve equivalency to the UofL courses before such an exemption can be granted. Students failing a topical exam must retake the topical exam. The Topical Examination generally will be offered in the last full week of October and the last full week of March.

If a student fails in the initial attempt at the Written Examination, the student will be allowed one additional attempt at any failed part. The Written Examination will be offered twice each year. The written Examination should be taken at the first opportunity after completing the core courses and at the discretion of the mentor.

2. Dissertation Research Proposal: The proposal should include the rationale (global goal and specific aims), instruments and facilities to be used, references, timeline, personnel and written (approximately 15-page) format and defended orally. Departmental faculty and dissertation proposal committee members will judge the quality of the proposal and pass/fail Proposal the student will be allowed one additional attempt.


B. Final Oral Dissertation Defense: (should see Patty atleast 4 weeks before dessertation)

              After qualification examinations and all course, residence and reseaarch requirements are completed, the Ph.D candidate must produce a written dissertation following Graduuate School guidelines. the student should be in good standing with the Gradudate School requirements with no pending conditions for admission. According to Graduate School requirements a dissertation committee must be selected and approved at least three months before the final defense. The defense will be announced by Graduate school. Dissertation committee members will examine the candidate and pass or fail by majority vote. If a student fails in the initial attempt at the Dissertation Defense the student will be allowed one additional attempt. Within three months after passing the defense the candidate will submit the final version of the written dissertation to the Graduate School.

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