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  Group members

From Left: Krishna Kanth Sanapala, Kapila Hewaparakrama, Kyung A. Kang, Jianting Wang and Martin G.O'Toole.

 * Job openings for a post doctoral fellow (contact Dr. Kyung A. Kang)


Kyung A. Kang                            kakang01 'at' louisville (dot) edu           (502) 852 2094 

Ernst Hall, Room-312




Martin O'Toole                           mgotoo03 'at' yahoo (dot) com              (502) 852 3144

(Research Associate and Lab Manager)

Ernst Hall, Room-303A


 Jianting Wang                            j0wang21 'at' louisville (dot) edu           (502) 852 3144

(Ph.D Student)

Ernst Hall, Room-303B


Krishna Kanth Sanapala      k0sana01 'at' louisville (dot) edu           (502) 852 3144

(Ph.D Student)

Ernst Hall, Room-303B



Doctor of Philosophy:

 (1) Hanzhu Jin: Nano-metal Particles for Minimally Invasive Optical Detection and Hyperthermic Treatment of Breast Cancer (June, 2007), UofL.

(2) Bin Hong: Nanometal Particle Reagent for Sensitive, MEMS based Fiber-optic, Multi-Analyste, Immuno-Biosensing (December, 2006), UofL.

(3) Doh-Gyeuhn Ahn:  Cost Effective Human Protein C Purification from Cohn Fraction IV-1 using Mini-Antibody (August, 2005), UofL.

(4) Liang Tang: Multi-analyte, Fiber-optic Immuno-Biosensing System for Rapid Disease Diagnosis: Model Systems for Anticoagulant and Cardiac Markers (August, 2005), UofL.

(5) Hyun Jung Kwon, Theoretical and Experimental Investigation on Sensing Performance of Protein C Immuno-Optical Sensor for Physiological Samples   (May 2002), UofL


Master of Engineering and Science:

 (1) Yongjie Ren: Development of Factor V sensor (August, 2007), UofL.

(2) Devon Vacaro: Development of Protocols for Deep Vein Thrombosis Detection in the Mobility Impaired using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (May, 2003), UofL.

(3) Lino K. Korah: Development of Economic Production and Purification Processes for the Mini-Antibody against Protein C - Chemical Engineering Department (Dec. 2002), UMBC.

(4) Arshia Linda Honar, "Studies of the Photon Path and Heterogeneity Localization in Human Breast Using Multi-frequency Parameters of Near Infrared Time Resolved Spectroscopy," (July 2000) - Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Department, UMBC.

(5) Heath Ian Balcer, "Studies of Protein C Biosensor Performance for Physiological Samples," (June 2000) - Biological Sciences Department, UMBC.

(6) Jing Zhang, "Preliminary Study on Multi-spectral Image Analysis and Classification of Skin Tumors," (July 1999) - Electrical Engineering Department, UMBC.

(7) James Olins Spiker, "Preliminary Study of a Fiber-Optic Based Protein C Biosensor Utilizing Fluorophore Mediated Immunological Methods," (June 1999) - Biological Sciences Department, UMBC.

(8) Mark William Hemelt, "Two and Three Dimensional Localization of Deep Vein Thrombosis Using the Frequency Response Analysis of NIR-TRS Spectra",  (January 1999) - Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Department, UMBC.







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