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MEng Fellowship Awards

MEng Fellowship Awards

Ryan Wolff and Adrian Fletcher Receive SMART Fellowships

Sean Wint receives GEM Fellowship for his M.Eng.  GEM supports minority graduate degrees. 3,000 men and women have achieved the Master’s in Engineering, PhD in Engineering, and PhD in Science through our best-in-class graduate fellowship program. Each year, more than 300 graduate students are on college campuses around the nation and in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico to realize the dream of obtaining an advanced degree. Each is a role model going to work in our communities as an expert in his or her chosen field. For more information visit and

Adrian Fletcher receives SMART (Science, Mathematics and Research for Transformation) Fellowship from the Air Force to work at Robbins AFB with tuition, $25,000 stipend and a 3 year commitment to work for the Air Force. 1500 applications received with 300 awards.

Ryan Wolff receives SMART Fellowship to work in Huntsville for the Space and Missile Defense Command.

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