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IEEE SouthEastCon 2010

IEEE SouthEastCon 2010
(L to R) James Willet, William Li, Luke Spicer, Nick Jewell, Josh Howard

IEEE SouthEastCon 2010 conference held in Charlotte, North Carolina

The graduate and undergraduate robot teams worked hard on their robots this year and developed some unique designs. The undergraduate team (Luke Spicer and Josh Howard) tied for 12th place among over 40 teams. Some of the competing robots were extremely fast and efficient while others never even moved off of the starting line. The graduate team (James Willett, William Li, Kurt McKenna) finished 4th out of 7 teams. The graduate team was the only team that attempted the ramp obstacle in the robot competition. The team received many compliments on the design and numerous conference attendees were quite interested in the rapid prototyped robot body and students from other schools were amazed at the abilities that the robot possessed. To see the graduate team robot in action, visit

If any students are interested, the preliminary rules have been released for next years robot competition. Next year, the competition is similar to a search and rescue style robot. The playing field will consist of four rooms: each containing 0 to 3 "victims". It will be the robot's job to enter each room, identify the status of the victim(s) (alive, unconscious, dead) and announce the status and room number to the crowd over a loudspeaker.

Interested students should contact Nick Jewel -

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