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T. Cleaver CV

                                                      CURRICULUM VITAE                                               

                                                      THOMAS G. CLEAVER




Jan. 1967 ‑ Dec. 1969.  Ohio State University.

Ph.D. in Biophysics received December 1969.

Dissertation title:  Spatial Transfer Functions of the Visual System at Detection Threshold.


Sept. 1965 ‑ Dec. 1966.  Ohio State University.

M. S. in Electrical Engineering received December 1966.

Thesis title:  Methods for Neurological Mapping of Visual Targets from Predictions Based on the Blackwell Theory.


Sept. 1964 ‑ June 1965.  George Washington University.

Graduate level courses taken in logical design of digital computers.


Sept. 1959 ‑ June 1963.  Case Institute of Technology.

B. S. in Electrical Engineering received June 1963.




Phased Retirement (50% time):


July 2007 ‑ present.  University of Louisville.

Professor of Electrical Engineering.




Aug. 1970 ‑ June 2007.  University of Louisville.

Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor of Electrical Engineering.


Jan. 1970 ‑ July 1970.  Institute for Research in Vision, The Ohio State University.  Research Associate.

Conducted research into the operating properties of the visual system.  Also taught engineering principles to medical and life science students as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering.


June 1963 ‑ Sept. 1965.  Vitro Laboratories, Silver Spring, Maryland.  Systems Engineer.

Design coordination on Polaris and Poseidon missile systems and submarines.  Responsible for error analysis of test instrumentation subsystem.


Related Work Experience:


Summer 1978.  Army Research Institute.  Consultant.

Assisted in the MISTEC project, the application of microcomputers in a military command post exercise.


June 1966 ‑ Dec. 1969.  Institute for Research in Vision, The Ohio State University.  Graduate Research Assistant and Graduate Research Associate.  Part‑time and full‑time summers.

Responsible for collecting and analyzing psychophysical data on the human visual system.  Developed extensive computer programs for data analysis.  Designed and executed experiments to investigate the operating properties of the visual system.


Part‑Time Professional Consulting:


1971 ‑ Present.  Considerable consulting work in electrical safety, biomedical equipment and electrically‑related fires for attorneys and insurance investigators.  Consulting frequently involved depositions and court appearances as an expert witness.






American Society for Engineering Education


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (Senior Member)


IEEE Computer Society (Chair of Louisville Section, 1993)


Machine Vision Association of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.


Association for Computing Machinery


Sigma Xi


Eta Kappa Nu


Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Kentucky, #KY 8969.


Grawemeyer Award for Instructional Development Finalist, 1986.


Kentucky Association of Science Educators and Skeptics (KASES)


American Society for Quality Control


Kentucky Society of Professional Engineers


IEEE Distinguished Service Award, 1992.


Kentucky Academy of Science


Thomas M. Murray Outstanding Teaching Award, 2002


Nominated for Alumni Scholar for Teaching 2002-2004




Courses taught include:  Active and Passive Networks, Network Analysis I, Electromagnetic Phenomena, Bioelectric Phenomena, Biomedical Engineering Seminar, Electronics, Electronic Circuits, Computation I, Logic Design, Microcomputer Design, Computer Interfacing, Computer Design, Pulse and Digital Waveforms, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition.


Developed new teaching techniques for Active and Passive Networks.  Prepared and published Active and Passive Networks Course Notes which was sold through the Campus Store, originally published in 1976.  New revisions were prepared and printed each year through 1982.


Developed teaching techniques, teaching materials and laboratory experiments for Electromagnetic Phenomena.  Prepared and published Electromagnetic Phenomena Course Notes which was sold through the Campus Store, originally published in 1977.


Developed new experiments for Active and Passive Networks Laboratory and other electrical courses.  These experiments, together with those of other faculty, were prepared and published in Electrical and Electronic Lab Experiments which was sold through the Campus Store, originally published in 1978.  New revisions were prepared and published each year through 1985.


Prepared twelve Computer‑Aided Instruction (CAI) lessons for Electromagnetic Phenomena, 1979‑81.


Prepared new experiments for Computer Interfacing, 1980.


Implemented new laboratory for Logic Design Course, 1983.


Converted Microcomputer Design from the 6800 to the 68000 microprocessor.  Prepared complete set of new design projects, 1984.  New design projects introduced each term.


Prepared "simulated laboratory" for Logic Design course including manual and support diskettes, 1985.


Prepared image processing program library to support image processing course and image processing research, 1989.


Redesigned Computer Design course to incorporate VHDL, 1995.


Implemented new laboratory for Microcomputer Design, 1998.


Developed extensive web-based education materials for Network Analysis I and Microcomputer Design, 1998 – 2004.





Funded Proposals:


NSF, "NSF Summer Institute in Biomedical Engineering Sciences," Co‑principal Investigator, $78,764, 1972‑73.


NSF, "NSF Summer Institute in Biomedical Engineering Sciences," Co‑principal Investigator, $68,555, 1973‑74.


NSF, "NSF Research Initiation Grant ‑ Modeling Body Water and Electrolyte Balance," Principal Investigator, $16,940, 1973‑74.


NSF, "Improvement of Instruction through Application of the Semi‑paced Teaching Method," Principal Investigator, $17,600, 1976‑77.


University of Louisville Graduate School, "Prediction of Success at Typing by Use of a Simple Test of Digital Dexterity," Principal Investigator, $1,580 1978‑79.


University of Louisville (Toward Greater Quality), Principal Investigator, "Helping the Underachiever," $1000, 1979‑80.


Army Research Institute, "Prediction of Success at Typing by Use of a Simple Test of Digital Dexterity," Principal Investigator, $11,840, 1979‑80.


University of Louisville Graduate School, "A Communication Prosthesis for the Multiply Handicapped," Co‑principal Investigator, $1,545, 1979‑80.


University of Louisville Graduate School, "Development of a Microprocessor‑Based Modem with Applications," Principal Investigator, $1,975, 1980‑81.


NASA, "Computer Performance Assurance for NOSS," Co‑principal Investigator, $111,092, 1981‑82.


University of Louisville Graduate School, "Applications of Local Computer Networks," Co‑principal Investigator, $800, 1981‑82.


NASA, "Performance Evaluation and Improvement for the TDRSS Network Control Center," Co‑principal Investigator, $80,255, 1982.


NASA, "Performance Management Support for the TDRSS NCCDS," Co‑principal Investigator, $95,939, 1983.


University of Louisville, "External Computer Services," Principal Investigator, $1,500, 1983


NASA, "Performance Management System Maintenance and Extension," Principal Investigator, $98,222, 1984.


University of Louisville Faculty Development, "Simulated Laboratory in Digital Logic," Principal Investigator, $650, 1985.


General Electric, "Computer Vision Detection of Surface Defects," Co‑principal Investigator, $7,960, 1986.


Center for Robotics and Manufacturing Systems, "Flaw Detection in Finished Surfaces Using Computer Vision," Co‑principal Investigator, $111,681, 1987.


University of Louisville Graduate School, "Microcomputer Graphics for Video Animation," Principal Investigator, $3,800, 1987.


Telecommunications Research Center, "SciBoard Pilot Project," Co-principal Investigator, $20,000, 1990.


University of Louisville President's Research Initiative, "SciBoard Pilot Project," Co-principal Investigator, $2,000, 1990.


University of Louisville President's Research Initiative, "SciBoard:  An Electronic Bulletin Board for Science Education," Principal Investigator, $3,500, 1991.


Mentor Graphics Corporation, "Computer Aided Design in Electrical Engineering," Co-principal Investigator, $6.8 million in software, 1993.


Kentucky Council on Higher Education, "Louisville Water Watch," Principal Investigator, $48,735, 1993.


MCI Foundation, "The SciBoard Project," Principal Investigator, $3,500, 1994.


JCPS/U of L Coordinating Committee, "On-Line Science Education," Co-principal Investigator, $2,795, 1995.


U of L Instructional Development Minigrant Program, "Mentor Graphics Licensing for Engineering Education," Principal Investigator, $750, 1995.


Kentucky Division of Water, “Water Watch Support,” Principal Investigator, $43,800, 1997.


Safeware, “On-Line Science Bowl,” Principal Investigator, $1,596.00, 1997.


Kentucky Division of Water, “Water Watch Support Extension,” Principal Investigator, $27,800, 1998.


University of Louisville, “Collegis Faculty Development and Instructional Technology Initiative,” $500 + computing equipment, 1999.


University of Louisville, Intramural Research Incentive Grant, Undergraduate Research Grant, "Analysis of Student Online Assessment Behaviors," Principal Investigator, $1500, 2002. 





Books and Monographs:


Cleaver, Thomas G., Active and Passive Networks Course Notes, University of Louisville (1976).


Cleaver, Thomas G., Electromagnetic Phenomena Course Notes, University of Louisville (1978).


Baxter, V. E., Bell, S. V., Cleaver, T. G. and Cole, J. D., Electrical and Electronic Lab Experiments, University of Louisville (1978).


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Cleaver, T.G., et al Guidelines for Co-op Reports in Electrical Engineering, Second Edition, University of Louisville (1992).


Cleaver, T.G., et al Guidelines for Co-op Reports in Electrical Engineering, Third Edition, University of Louisville (1994).


Educational Software:


Cleaver, T. G., Programmer's Workshop for Applesoft BASIC, Hayden (1983).


Snyder, J. W., Weinberg, E. D., Atlas, R. M., and Cleaver, T. G., MICRO‑MICRO:  Lessons in Medical Microbiology, Macmillan (1984).


Cleaver, T. G., HALLEYSIM ‑ A Simulation of Halley's Comet and other Orbiting Celestial Bodies, public domain release, Feb. 1986.


Cleaver, T. G., and Johnston, D. K., BACKTALK: The Artificial Intelligence Demo, Up Time, Vol. 11, No. 6, March 1986.


Cleaver, T. G., Free Tutorial Template (March 1999),


Cleaver, T. G., Online Learning Center for Fundamentals of Electric Circuits, McGraw-Hill (July 1999),


Cleaver, T. G., Online Learning Center for Fundamentals of Electric Circuits – Additional Lessons, McGraw-Hill (April 2000),


Cleaver, T. G., Tutorials for Fundamentals of Electric Circuit by Charles M. Alexander and Matthew N. O. Sadiku, McGraw-Hill (March 2003),


Refereed Journals:


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Technical Reports:


Blackwell, H. Richard and Cleaver, Thomas G., "Visual Detection and the Spatial Characteristics of Targets at Low Luminance,"(U); Research sponsored by Night Vision Laboratory, Dept. of the Army Engineer and Development Laboratories, Ft. Belvoir, Virginia, under Contract DAAK02‑67‑C‑0140 (1969).


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Computer Committee (Chair), 1989-2006.

Writing Oversight Committee (Chair), 1989-95.

Ad Hoc EE252 Committee, 1991.

Tenure Review Committee, 1992-93.

Equipment Committee, 1995.

EE Network Analysis Textbook Committee, 1997.

Technician Recruitment Committee, 1998.

Mentor Graphics Coordinator, 1993-2001.

Nanotechnology Eminent Scholar Search Committee, 1998-2000.

Secretarial Search Committee, 1997.

System Programmer II Search Committee, 1998-99.

Faculty Activity Committee, 1999-2001.

Search Committee for Bioimaging Endowed Chair, 2001-2005.

Search Committee for ECE faculty positions, 2004.

ABET Assessment Committee, 2002-2006.

Undergraduate Laboratory Task Force, 2004




Taught short course, "Electrical Engineering Applications for Time‑Shared BASIC," 1973.

Taught PE Exam refresher course, 1974.

IEEE Louisville Section Executive Committee, 1974‑1975.

IEEE Social Implications of Technology Committee, 1974‑75.

ASEE Professional Development Committee, Biomedical Engineering Division, 1974‑75.

ASEE Conference Committee, 1975.

Taught Fundamentals of Engineering Exam refresher course twice yearly, 1974‑1987, 1990, 1992-2007.

Sigma Xi, U. of L. Section Admissions Committee, 1976‑78.

Sigma Xi, U. of L. Section Treasurer, 1978‑80.

Reviewer and author for NCEE problems, 1978.

NSF Proposal Reviewer, 1980.

Taught "Apple Applications" short course, 1981.

Taught "Workshop for Computer Usage", 1982.

Taught "Personal Computers for Technical Professionals" short course, 1983.

Reviewer for Prentice‑Hall textbooks, 1986‑92.

Prepared Henry Vogt Endowed Chair Videotape, 1987.

IEEE Motor Contest Committee (Chair), 1989-90.

Reviewer for Human Factors in Manufacturing, 1991.

Puzzle Editor, The Speed Engineer, 1996-2004.

Chair, Louisville Section, IEEE Computer Society, 1993.

IEEE Computer Society, Distinguished Lecturer Advisory Committee, 1993.

IEEE Louisville Section Student Activities Chair, 1995-2005.

Reviewer for McGraw-Hill, 2001, 2002.




Committee to Combat Huntington's Disease, 1974.

Louisville Regional Science Fair Judge, 1975-79, 1981, 1996, 1997.

St. Francis School Science Fair Judge, 1978.

Taught "Free University" course in simulations, 1978.

Professional Vocations Day for Eagle Scouts, 1980.

Louisville Zoological Society Computer Committee, 1980.

Invited presentation on structured programming to Louisville Area Computer Club, 1980.

Invited presentation on teaching techniques to Pi Lambda Theta Workshop, 1981.

Editor, "Brainbusters" column for Louisville Times, 1979‑1982.

Olympics of the Mind Referee, 1983‑1985.

Invited speaker, Lunch and Learn Series, 1987.

University of Louisville Speaker's Bureau, 1987‑Present.

Assisted Local Industry in Preparation of SBIR Proposal, 1987.

Metropolitan Children's Museum Planning Committee, 1988, 1989.

Electrical Engineering Representative to Accolade, 1988.

Reviewed SBIR proposal for Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development, 1991.

Kentucky Science Olympiad Coordinator, 1992-94.

Operator of SciBoard, Science education bulletin board and website 1990-present.

Taught "From Psychics to Skeptics" for University Continuing Education, 1993.

Orphaned Equipment Committee, 1992, 93.

Career Day, St. Francis School, 1993, 2000.

Black Achievers Assn. Speaker, 1994.

Housing and Residence Life Faculty Involvement Program, 1995.

Junior Science and Humanities Symposium Judge, 1996, 1998, 2001

Technology Student Association Conference Judge, 1996.

Taught “From Psychics to Skeptics” for Bellarmine Continuing Education, 1996.

International Science and Engineering Fair Grand Awards Judge, 1997.

Presented “The Profession of Electrical Engineering” to students at Wheatley Elementary School, 1997.

36th Kentucky Junior Science and Humanities Symposium student paper judge, 1998.

Southern Middle School Career Day presentation, 1999.

Western High School Project Lead the Way Steering Committee, 2000-present.

Western High School Project Lead the Way Curriculum Committee, 2000-present.

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