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Board of Advisors

The ECE Board of Advisors assists the Department by bringing in the views and needs of industry, academia and the profession.



The purpose of the Board of Advisors for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is to advise the Department on matters relating to the mission and vision of the Department. The ECE Board of Advisors will assist the Department in planning a future course of action and in formulating policies and programs by bringing into focus the views and needs of industry, academia and the profession.


The function of the Board of Advisors is to review the Department's objectives in order to stimulate academic and professional excellence and to enhance educational and research activity. Opportunities for the Board members to interact with faculty and students are offered periodically by the Department.

The Board of Advisors assists the Department in:

  1. Recognizing and identifying technical, research, and business trends
  2. Identifying emerging professional requirements of industry
  3. Recruiting and retaining outstanding faculty and students
  4. Coordination with the development office in areas of funding
  5. Identifying national educational trends, providing feedback on the quality of undergraduate and graduate programs and assessing how well the program educational objectives are being met



Members are appointed to reflect a broad cross-section of backgrounds from industry, academia and research labs. The Department is represented by the Department Chair, and the students are represented by the sitting President of the IEEE Student Branch.

The current advisors are:



Dr. Gregory L. Creech
Principal Component Strategist
Air Force Research Laboratory
Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
Tim Reilly
Founder and Chief Technology Officer
Stonestreet One
Louisville, Kentucky
Bruce M. Henderson
Henderson Services, LLC
Louisville, KY
R. Mark Schreck.
Speed Research Administration, UofL
Louisville, KY
David E. Huff 
Louisville, Kentucky
Donald J. Scheer, Ph.D.
ECE Professor Emeritus, UofL
Louisville, KY
Leo B. Jenkins, Jr., Ph.D.
ECE Professor Emeritus, UofL.
Louisville, Kentucky
Carl Sullivan
Stamping Ground, KY
Jerry O'Neal
VP - QSR Automations.
Louisville, KY
Kasey P. Shirley
President, UofL IEEE Student Branch
University of Louisville


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