New book by Yampolskiy hit number one on Amazon charts

September 28, 2018

Dr. Roman Yampolskiy“Artificial Intelligence Safety and Security” recently was the number one book on Amazon in the AI category. Edited by Dr. Roman Yampolskiy of the Department of Computer Engineering and Computer Science (CECS), the book serves as a textbook for all levels on the new field of Artificial Intelligence Safety.

“For years, researchers worked on making capable artificial intelligence and now that we are starting to succeed, it is very important to make sure that our intelligent systems work as intended,” said Yampolskiy.

A pioneer in his field, Yampolskiy is vigilant in his research of AI, which he believes can be employed to the benefit or detriment of humanity. He attributes his philosophy to pragmatism, manifested in his book by a critical analysis of the subject by leading experts in the field. 

“As of right now, no one in the world has a working AI safety mechanisms, while unprecedented improvements in our ability to make intelligent software continue,” said Yampolskiy. “Fear can cloud your mind, but a healthy amount of concern should be present in anyone who considers future developments in artificial intelligence.”

The book features contributions from Ray Kurzweil, Ian Goodfellow, and David Brin among many others, each a respected researcher contributing solutions towards solving the AI control problem. 

 “The first section of the book presents chapters in the chronological order of their writing and informs the reader about development of concerns for uncontrolled capabilities of AI as the field developed,” said Yampolskiy. “While editing the book I was exposed to a number of novel problems I had not considered before such as tools for manipulation of the human mind, which are becoming a prominent feature of social media.”

Not only has the book done well on Amazon, but it’s receiving positive critical feedback.

“If AI turns out to be like the Terminator then Prof. Roman Yampolskiy may turn out to be like John Connor – but better,” said author Nikola Danaylov in a review on the site. “Because instead of fighting by using guns and brawn he is utilizing computer science, human intelligence and code."

Released July 27, 2018, Artificial Intelligence Safety and Security is available on Amazon.