CSE Dissertations

2013-2014 PhD Graduates


An Inter-Domain Supervision Framework for Collaborative Clustering of Data with Mixed Types

Advisor(s): Nasraoui, Olfa

MohamedAbdallahAbd Elghafar

Face Recognition using Statistical Adapted Local Binary Patterns

Advisor(s): Yampolskiy, Roman


Network Tomography Application in Ad-Hoc Networks

Advisor(s): Kumar, Anup

2012-2013 PhD Graduates


Enhanced web-based summary generation for search

Advisor(s): Kantardzic, Mehmed

EmaraWaelAliA submodular optimization framework for never-ending learning: Semi-supervised, online, and active learning

Advisor(s): Kantardzic, Mehmed

Unsupervised and Semi-Supervised Fuzzy Clustering with Multiple Kernels

Advisor(s): Frigui, Hichem


Mining and tracking evolving Web user trends from very large Web server logs

Advisor(s): Nasraoui, Olfa


Design and Implementation of a System for 3D Modeling of Branching Networks

Advisor(s): Chang, Dar-Jen

2011-2012 PhD Graduates

ChoGyu Choon

3D Visualization of In-flight Recorded Data

Advisor(s): Ouyang, Ming

Coronal Loop Detection from Solar Images and Extraction of Salient Contour Groups from Cluttered Images

Advisor(s): Nasraoui, Olfa

A systems-based approach for detecting molecular interactions across tissues

Advisor(s): Rouchka, Eric


Medical Image Storage System For Metadata-based Retrieval

Advisor(s): Elmaghraby, Adel


Bayesian Nonparametric Clusterings in Relational and High-Dimensional Settings with Applications in Bioinformatics

Advisor(s): Rouchka, Eric

MohamedYehia HassanKhalil

Data center resilience assessment: storage, networking, and security

Advisor(s): Elmaghraby, Adel


Click fraud: how to spot it, how to stop it?

Advisor(s): Kantardzic, Mehmed

2010-2011 PhD Graduates


Unsupervised and semi-supervised clustering with learnable cluster dependent kernels

Advisor(s): Frigui, Hichem

Ben AbdallahAhmed Chamseddine

A generic framework for context-dependent fusion with application to landmine detection

Advisor(s): Frigui, Hichem

Ben IsmailMohamedMaher

Image annotation and retrieval based on multi-modal feature clustering and similarity propagation

Advisor(s): Frigui, Hichem

El-Said Abd ElSalamWaleedHassan

Enhanced cryptographic approaches for SCADA network security

Advisor(s): Graham, James H.

KelleyRobertRoyAdvisor(s): Kumar, Anup

Adaptive constrained clustering with application to dynamic image database categorization and visualization

Advisor(s): Frigui, Hichem


Features extraction using random matrix theory

Advisor(s): Kantardzic, Mehmed


Swarm Intelligence for Clustering Dynamic Data Sets for Web Usage Mining and Personalization

Advisor(s): Nasraoui, Olfa

2009-2010 PhD Graduates


Field Intrusion Detection System for Scada Networks

Advisor(s): Graham, James H., Desoky, Ahmed


Optimizing the Deployment of Heterogeneous Sensor Networks

Advisor(s): Ragade, Rammohan


A Graph Cut Framework for 2D/3D Implicit Front Propagation with Application to the Image Segmentation Problem

Advisor(s): Elmaghraby, Adel


Efficient Representation, Indexing, and Retrieval of Multimedia Data

Advisor(s): Frigui, Hichem

Gearheart BogardChristyMarie

DNA-based Computing for Secure Circuitry Design

Advisor(s): Rouchka, Eric


A Secure Architecture for Digital Content Protection in Corporate Environments

Advisor(s): Elmaghraby, Adel


Enhancing reliability with Latin Square redundancy on desktop grids

Advisor(s): Graham, James H.


Reduced hyperBF networks: practical optimization, regularization, and applications in bioinformatics

Advisor(s): Rouchka, Eric


Generalized multi-stream hidden Markov models

Advisor(s): Frigui, Hichem


Pattern Discovery from Evolving Transactional Data Streams

Advisor(s): Nasraoui, Olfa; Imam, Ibrahim; Desoky, Ahmed; Kantardzic, Mehmed; El-baz, Aymen


Focused Image Search in the Social Web

Advisor(s): Nasraoui, Olfa; Imam, Ibrahim; Desoky, Ahmed; Kantardzic, Mehmed; Wolfe, Joanna; Baeza-Yates, Ricardo (Yahoo! Research);
Van Zwol, Roelof (Yahoo! Research)

Zhuhadar (Said)Leyla

Automated Discovery, Categorization, and Retrieval of Personalized Semantically E-Learning Resources

Advisor(s): Nasraoui, Olfa

2008-2009 PhD Graduates

AlkhayatM.IyadVirtual Wireless Network Service Design and Evaluation

Advisor(s): Kumar, Anup
BattishaMohamedMohamed HosnyA Framework for Collection and Correlation of Network Forensic Evidence for Quality of Service Degradation

Advisor(s): Elmaghraby, Adel

Bridging the semantic gap in content-based image retrieval

Advisor(s): Frigui, Hichem


Computational Analysis of Expressed Sequence Tags for Understanding Gene Regulation

Advisor(s): Rouchka, Eric; Chang, Dar-jen; Cooper, Nigel; Elmaghraby, Adel; Ouyang, Ming


Architecture for intelligent power systems management, optimization, and storage

Advisor(s): Ragade, Rammohan


Diagnostic test for fetal chromosomal abnormalities using biallelic Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms

Advisor(s): Elmaghraby, Adel


The Effectiveness of Self-Organizing Maps in Mammographic Image Analysis

Advisor(s): Elmaghraby, Adel


Focused Image Search in the Social Web

Advisor(s): Nasraoui, Olfa

2007-2008 PhD Graduates

HabasPiotrAndrzejReliability Analysis Framework for Computer-aided Diagnosis Systems in Mammography

Advisor(s): Zurada, Jacek
HiebJeffreyLloydSecurity Hardened Remote Terminal Units for SCADA Networks

Advisor(s): Graham, James H.

Methods for detecting kernel rootkits

Advisor(s): Graham, James H.


Category-Based Graph Models for Simulating Web Domains

Advisor(s): Elmaghraby, Adel

2006-2007 PhD Graduates


Optimization of complex nested queries in relational databases

Advisor(s): Badia, Antonio; Cerrito, Patricia; Chang, Dar-Jen; Kantardzic, Mehmed; Ragade, Rammohan K.


Morphology of cancer growth for the detection of masses in mammography

Advisor(s): Elmaghraby, Adel; Tourassi, Georgia D.; Graham, James H.; Frigui, Hichem; Wong, Julius P.


Identity management in health care

Advisor(s): Graham, James H.; Chang, Dar-Jen; Elmaghraby, Adel; DePuy, Gail W.; Ragade, Rammohan K.


Mobility management in heterogenous multi-hop wireless networks

Advisor(s): Kumar, Anup; Srinivasan, S.; Kantardzic, Mehmed; Ragade, Rammohan K.; Chang, Dar-Jen


2S-PSO: A dual state particle swarm optimizer

Advisor(s): Elmaghraby, Adel; Chang, Dar-Jen; DePuy, Gail W.; Graham, James H.; Rouchka, Eric C


Plausible neural network: Theories and applications

Advisor(s): Chang, Dar-Jen; Kantardzic, Mehmed; Rouchka, Eric; Zurada, Jacek; Cooper, Nigel

LotfyHewaydaMohamed Sayed

Intelligent system for content-based image retrieval segmentation

Advisor(s): Elmaghraby, Adel; Kantardzic, Mehmed; Chang, Dar-Jen; Imam, Ibrahim N.; Hadizadeh, Jafar


Mobility-based predictive call admission control and resource reservation
for next-generation mobile communications networks

Advisor(s): Kantardzic, Mehmed; Kumar, Anup; Elmaghraby, Adel; Nasraoui, Olfa; Usher, John S.


Navigation assistance in large-scale virtual environments: The data mining approach

Advisor(s): Kantardzic, Mehmed; Badia, Antonio; Chang, Dar-Jen; Elmaghraby, Adel; Wolfe, Joanna

2005-2006 PhD Graduates


Extraction and selection of relevant information in proteomic mass spectra for biomarker identification

Advisor(s): Zurada, Jacek M.; Elmaghraby, Adel S.; Kantardzic, Mehmed M.; Klein, John B.; Min, Hokey


Dynamic measures for object-oriented software

Advisor(s): Ragade, Rammohan K.; Chang, Dar-Jen; Elmaghraby, Adel; Imam, Ibrahim N.; Usher, John S.


An architecture for the extension of fixed controller area networks to IEEE 802.15.4 wireless personal area networks

Advisor(s): Ragade, Rammohan K.; Cole, Joseph D.; Elmaghraby, Adel


Scalable and adaptive evolutionary clustering for noisy and dynamic data

Advisor(s): Nasraoui, Olfa; Elmaghraby, Adel; Ragade, Rammohan K.; Badia, Antonio; DePuy, Gail


Secure Internet-based communication protocol for SCADA networks

Advisor(s): Graham, James H.; Chang, Dar-Jen; Elmaghraby, Adel; Ragade, Rammohan K.; Ralston, Patricia A. S.


New families of voltage-mode and current-mode filter circuits

Advisor(s): Aronhime, Peter B.; Cox, Hollace L.; Cole, Joseph B.; Wong, Julius P.; Zurada, Jacek M.


Power optimization algorithms for next generation mobile networks

Advisor(s): Kumar, Anup, Elmaghraby, Adel; Ragade, Rammohan, Chang, Dar-Jen; Alexander, Suraj


On secure communication in integrated Internet and heterogeneous multi-hop wireless networks

Advisor(s): Kumar, Anup; Srinivasan, S.; Ragade, Rammohan K.; Liu, Xiangqian; Desoky, Ahmed H.; Chang, Dar-Jen

2004-2005 PhD Graduates


A study of collective intelligence in multiagent systems

Advisor(s): Elmaghraby, Adel S.; Ragade, Rammohan K.; Wilhelm, Mickey R.; Chang, Dar-jen; Kumar, Anup


Classificatory decomposition for time series clustering and categorization

Advisor(s): Zurada, Jacek M.; Chenoweth, Darrel L.; Elmaghraby, Adel S.; Kantardzic, Mehmed M.; Min, Hokey


A model for mining distributed frequent sequences

Advisor(s): Kantardzic, Mehmed; Elmaghraby, Adel S.; Chang, Dar-jen; Imam, Ibrahim N.; Zurada, Jozef


Anomaly intrusion detection and threat evaluation using artificial immunity model and fuzzy logic

Advisor(s): Graham, James H.; Elmaghraby, Adel S.; Ragade, Rammohan K.; Chang, Dar-jen; O'Connor-Holloman, Carol

2003-2004 PhD Graduates


Dynamic Bandwidth Pricing and Allocation Model

Advisor(s): Elmaghraby, Adel S.; Kumar, Anup; Kantardzic, Mehmed M.; Chang, Dar-Jen; Wong, Julius P.


Algorithms to improve topography preservation in self-organizing maps

Advisor(s): Zurada, Jacek M.; Chang, Dar-jen; Elmaghraby, Adel S.; Holloman, Carol O'Connor; Kantardzic Mehmed M.


Input-controlled neural dynamics and its statistics in the olfactory system pattern processing

Advisor(s): Zurada, Jacek M.; Aronhime, Peter B.; Cox, Hollace L.; Kantardzic, Mehmed M.; Lozowski, Andrzej G

MostafaMostafaGamal Ahmed2003-04

Handoff management in wireless data networks using topography-aware mobility prediction

Advisor(s): Kumar, Anup; Elmaghraby, Adel S.; Ragade, Rammohan K.; Kantardzic, Mehmed M.; Wong, Julius P.

2002-2003 PhD Graduates


Processing and analysis of DNA microarrays

Advisor(s): Desoky, Ahmed H.; Elmaghraby, Adel S.; Chang, Dar-jen; Cooper, Nigel G. F.; Rouchka, Eric C.


Optimal data-driven rule extraction using adaptive fuzzy-neural models

Advisor(s): Zurada, Jacek M.; Aronhime, Peter B.; Lilly, John H.; Karwowski, Waldemar; Ralston, Patricia


Parallel inductive logic programming for pharmacophore discovery

Advisor(s): Graham, James H.; Spatola, Amo F.; Kumar, Anup; Chang, Dar-jen; Desoky, Ahmed H.


Strategies of distributed genetic algorithms for three-dimensional bin packing in a SLS machine

Advisor(s):Ragade, Rammohan K.; Kumar, Anup; Elmaghraby, Adel S.; Biles, William E.; DePuy, Gail W.


Neural and statistical modeling of ultrasound backscatter

Advisor(s): Zurada, Jacek M.; Elmaghraby, Adel S.; Chang, Dar-jen; Ralston, Patricia A.; Tourassi, Georgia D.


Similarity metrics and optimization for multimodal biomedical image registration

Advisor(s): Elmaghraby, Adel S.; Zurada, Jacek M.; Chang, Dar-jen; Roberts, Craig S.; Tourassi, Georgia D.


Agent-based demand forecasting for supply chain management

Advisor(s): Graham, James H.; Chang, Dar-jen; Desoky, Ahmed; Kumar, Anup; Min, Hokey

2001-2002 PhD Graduates

Ahmed El-MelegyMoumenTaha

Zoom-lens camera calibration for an active vision system

Advisor(s): Farag, Aly; Cleaver, Thomas; Hill, John C.; Sahoo, Prasanna; Chang, Dar-jen; Zhang, Zhengyou


An agent-based intrusion detection system using fuzzy logic for computer system threat evaluation

Advisor(s): Graham, James H.; Elmaghraby, Adel S.; Kamel, Khaled A.; DePuy, Gail W.; Chang, Dar-jen


A statistical pattern recognizer employing artificial neural network and principal component analysis

Advisor(s): Sun, Gwong C.; Chang, Dar-jen; Elmaghraby, Adel S.; Holloman, Thomas L.; Guan, Jian

2000-2001 PhD Graduates

Carpenter Jr.ThomasE.

Coloring perfect graphs in parallel using even pairs

Advisor(s): Graham, James H.; Chang, Dar-Jen; Desoky, Ahmed H.; Kezdy, Andre; Kumar, Anup


Agent-based architecture for online performance tuning of parallel and distributed computation

Advisor(s): Graham, James H.; Kamel, Khaled A.; Elmaghraby, Adel S.; Alexander, Suraj M.; Ragade, Rammohan K.

1999-2000 PhD Graduates


A computer vision system for automated measurement of leukocyte rolling velocities in vivo

Advisor(s): Cleaver, Thomas G.; Desoky, Admed H.; Miller, Frederick N.; Sahoo, Prasanna K.


Trainable fuzzy system incorporating dynamically variable asymmetric spreads and negative rule defuzzification

Advisor(s): Lilly, John H.; Ralston, Patricia A.; Deshpande, Pradeep B.; Zurada, Jacek M.; Das, Manabendra N.


3D trinocular active vision system for surface reconstruction

Advisor(s): Farag, Aly A.; Zurada, Jacek M.; Chang, Dar-jen; Darji, Udayan; Seales, Brent


Hamiltonian approximation of strange attractors

Advisor(s): Zurada, Jacek M.; Aronhime, Peter B.; Cox, Hollace L.; Dowling, Timothy E.; Pitts, William K.


Surface point signatures for free form object registration and recognition

Advisor(s): Farag, Aly A.; Zurada, Jacek M.; Lilly, John; Sahoo, Prasanna; Chenoweth, Darrel

1998-1999 PhD Graduates


Scheduling paralel applications in a heterogeneous networked-clusters

Advisor(s): Kamel, Khaled A.; Kumar, Anup; Elmaghraby, Adel S.; Evans, Gerald W.; Riehl, Arthur M.


Neural networks with dynamic synapses for time series prediction

Advisor(s): Zurada, Jacek M.; Cichocki, Andrzej; Elmaghraby, Adel S.; Kumar, Anup; Ragade, Rammohan K.


A distributed multi-agent tour planner system

Advisor(s): Elmaghraby, Adel S.; Kamel, Khaled A.; Alexander, Suraj M.; Chang, Dar-jen; Kantardzic, Mehmed M.


An agent-based approach for fault diagnosis in manufacturing systems

Advisor(s): Graham, James H.; Biles, William E.; Elmaghraby, Adel S.; Kamel, Khaled A.; Ragade, Rammohan K.


Current-mode signal processing synthesis

Advisor(s): Aronhime, Peter B.; Kubicka, Ewa; Ragade, Rammohan K.; Wong, Julius P.; Zurada, Jacek M.

1997-1998 PhD Graduates


Novel image segmentation and registration algorithms for the study of brain structure and function

Advisor(s): Farag, Aly A.; Chenoweth, Darrel; Zurada, Jacek; Sahoo, Prasanna; Darji, Udayan B.


Feature extraction and edge detection using a fractal-based metric

Advisor(s): Chenoweth, Darrel L.; Maron, Melvin J.; Sahoo, Prasanna K.; Zurada, Jacek M.; Desoky, Ahmed H.


Visualizing the performance of distributed discrete-event simulations

Advisor(s): Graham, James H.; Elmaghraby, Adel S.; Alexander, Suraj M.; Kumar, Anup, Ragade, Rammohan K.


Dynamic complexity reduction of multilayer feedforward neural networks

Advisor(s): Zurada, Jacek M.; Cox, Hollace L.; Faraj, Aly A.; Graham, James H.; Kubici, Grzegorz M.


Theorems for design enhancement of current-mode networks

Advisor(s): Aronhime, Peter B.; Chang, Dar-Jen; Desoky, Ahmed H.; Wong, Julius P.; Zurada, Jacek M.

1996-1997 PhD Graduates


A neuromorphic approach to optimal temperature control in household refrigerators

Advisor(s): Zurada, J. M.; Collins, R. L.; Aronhime, P. B.; Ralston, P. A. Stark; Elmaghraby, A. S.


Neural network-fuzzy logic approach for robot safety

Advisor(s): Graham, James H.; Desoky, Ahmed H.; Kamel, Khaled A.; Karwowski, Waldemar; Ragade, Rammohan K.

1995-1996 PhD Graduates


Staged allocation scheme for assigning acyclic task graphs to multiprocessors

Advisor(s): Ragade, Rammohan; Chang, Dar-Jen; Elmaghraby, Adel S.; Fenske, T.E.; Kumar, Anup


Varying the interface and using simulation in the design of an intelligent tutoring system

Advisor(s): Ragade, Rammohan; Graham, James H.; Cleaver, Thomas G.; Elmaghraby, Adel S.; Rude-Parkins C.R.


Efficient strategies for distributed simulation and decision support systems

Advisor(s): Elmaghraby, Adel S.; Chang, Dar-Jen; Kumar, Anup; Alexander, Suraj; El-Sharkaw, Mohamed

1994-1995 PhD Graduates


Fractional Brownian motion for representing natural image texture

Advisor(s): Chenoweth, Darrel L.; Clever, Thomas; Desoky, Ahmed; Sahoo, Prasanna K.; Farag, Aly A.


Feature-guided grammatical system

Advisor(s): Elmaghraby, Adel S.; Graham, James H.; Chang, Dar-Jen; Kamel, Khaled; Alexander, Suraj M.

Grove Jr.RalphFrederick

Parallel diagnostic reasoning

Advisor(s): Graham, James H.; Elmaghraby, Adel S.; Kumar, Anup; Alexander, Suraj M.; Kamel, Khaled


Magic graphs

Advisor(s): Holloman, Thomas L.; Chenoweth, Darrel L.; Wong, Julius P.; Huang, Wei-Feng; Kumar, Anup


Investigation of artificial neural networks for sensory integration and decision making in robot safety systems

Advisor(s): Graham, James H.; Elmaghraby, Adel S.; Kamel, Khaled; Karwowski, W; Ragade, Rammohan

1993-1994 PhD Graduates


Performance based reliability optimization for computer networks and distributed systems

Advisor(s): Kumar, Anup; Ragade, Rammohan; Chang, Dar-Jen; Cole, Joseph D.; Parsaei, Hamid R.


Network transformations and synthesis of current-mode circuits

Advisor(s): Aronhime, Peter B.; Zurada, Jacek M.; Lilly, John H.; Ward, Thomas L.; Wong, Julius P.


New approaches to balanced tree data structures

Advisor(s): Graham, James H.; Riehl, Arthur M.; Chang, Dar-Jen; Robert, John; Holloman, Thomas L.


Development and analysis of hybrid fuzzy/statistically-based controllers

Advisor(s):Ralston, Patricia S.; Stoll, Kenneth E.; Graham, James H.; Maron, Melvin J.; Dean Owen Harper

1992-1993 PhD Graduates


A hybrid model for diagnostic reasoning with learning capabilities

Advisor(s): Graham, James H.; Alexander, Suraj M.; Chang, Dar-Jen; Holloman, Thomas L.; Kamel, Khaled A.


Advanced loop parallelization theory and techniques

Advisor(s): Kumar, Anup; Ragade, Rammohan; Chang, Dar-Jen; Alexander, Suraj M.; Kamel, Khaled A.


Large vocabulary lexical access from continuous phonemes using syllablic segmentation

Advisor(s): Graham, James H.; Desoky, Ahmed H.; Cleaver, Thomas; Chang, Dar-Jen; Dr. Foulke


Standard simulation-knowledge interface

Advisor(s): Graham, James H.; Elmaghraby, Adel S.; Evans, Gerald W.; Ragade, Rammohan; Kamel, Khaled

1991-1992 PhD Graduates


Analysis of actual single-layer neural networks with feedback

Advisor(s): Zurada, Jacek M.; Aronhime, Peter B.; Cleaver, Thomas L.; Chenoweth, Darrel L.; Bell, Samuel

1990-1991 PhD Graduates


Global optimization using nonparametric statistics

Advisor(s): Stuckman, B.E.; Graham, James H.; Usher, John S.; Scheer, D.J.; Chenoweth, Darrel L.