Contest Environment and Compilers

We are planning this year to use a Linux environment, based on Debian Live (Etch, version 4.0). Check this page for changes and modifications regarding details, however, we are planning to provide the following (or their updated version) -- see below.

Each team will be allowed to use one PC-compatible computer (such as a Dell or equivalent). The guaranteed configuration of the computer includes a US keyboard, mouse and flat-panel monitor. The programming languages of the contest are C, C++ and Java. No other language is allowed in ICPC. See below for a list of available compilers and versions. The software will be installed in standard configuration and we will follow as closely as possible the general suggestions of the programming environment requirements.

Debian Live USB Image -- 2012
(Similar to 2011 -- the only upgrade is in PC^2)

Included software:

  • PC^2 9.2.3 -- to submit solutions/questions
  • gcc 4.4.5 with g++
  • java JDK 1.6.0_26
  • gdb 7.0.1 (C/C++ debugger)
  • cgdb 0.6.5 (full-screen text frontend for gdb)
  • ddd 3.3.12 (GUI frontend for gdb)
  • eclipse 3.5.2 with JDT and CDT 6.0.2 (Java and C/C++)
  • NetBeans 6.0.1 (Java only)
  • anjuta 2.32.0
  • bluefish 2.0.1
  • nano 2.2.4
  • emacs 23.2.1
  • vim 7.2.445
  • other editors (joe, jed, gedit)
  • cvs 1.12.13, subversion 1.6.12, git
  • GNOME 2.30
  • iceweasel 3.5.16 (Debian's version of Firefox; only for
  • reading docs)
  • evince (PDF viewer, for reading the PC^2 docs)
  • cups 1.4.4 (print spooler)



  • PC^2 V9 Team Guide
  • STL manual 3.30 (C++)
  • OpenJDK (Java) documentation 6b18
  • full set of Unix manpages (including syscalls and library functions)
  • gcc documentation
  • gdb documentation

A "documentation.html" is located on the desktop and links to PC^2, STL, and Java documentation and is the default page for the web browser.

No access to the network/internet is permitted except for controlled connections with the judging system and printing.

Detailed information can be found on the Mid-Central Region Headquarter's website.