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Emeritus Faculty

Computer Science and Engineering Doctoral Program Emeritus Faculty

Aronhime, Peter Ph.D., Colorado State University, Professor. Digital and analog circuit design, instrumentation, computer-aided design, computer-aided testing, electric network theory. [ECE]
Bordoloi, Kiron Ph.D., Louisiana State University, Professor. Analog circuits, superconductivity. [ECE]
Chenoweth, Darrel Ph.D., Auburn University, Professor. Pattern recognition, image processing, optimal control, digital control systems. [ECE & CECS]
Cleaver, Thomas Ph.D., The Ohio State University, Professor. Microcomputer hardware and software design, image processing, electronic design automation, telecomputing, and educational technology. [ECE]
Hill, J. Carroll Ph.D., Purdue University, Professor. Microcomputer applications and design, computer-aided manufacturing, pattern recognition and image processing, computer simulation and modeling of large-scale systems. [ECE]
Kamel, Khaled Ph.D., University of Cincinnati, Professor. Networking, computer control and automation, vision, artificial intelligence. [CECS]
Riehl, Arthur Ph.D., University of Louisville, Professor. Mathematical modeling, computer simulation, computer networking, data storage and retrieval, finite element analysis [CECS]
Scheer, Donald Ph.D., The Ohio State University, Professor. Design and analysis of microwave systems, design of antennas, antenna and microwave measurements, radio astronomy, remote sensing techniques. [ECE]
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