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Network and Information Security

General Information:

The Network and Information Security graduate certificate program consists of 12 hours: two required courses from Computer Engineering and Computer Science department and two elective courses selected from a list of relevant elective courses in CECS department. This is part of the University of Louisville Cyber Security Initiative.


An undergraduate degree is required. Students enrolling in these courses will need to have sufficient background to be successful. Therefore, they will need to have completed the required course prerequisites, or have equivalent knowledge from courses taken at other universities, or from work experience. The student specifically should have taken equivalent to CECS 311, CECS 420, and CECS 310 courses. The work experience in the industry can be used as substitute if it uses or provides experience in area of operating systems, networking and legal and ethical issues.

Students will need to supply all documentation required for admission to the University either as student or as non-degree seeking status. Students will need to supply documentation demonstrating background knowledge sufficient to satisfy course prerequisites. This may include transcripts of the courses taken, course catalogue description and documentation from work regarding the experience in the particular areas as outlined above.

Persons Responsible for Reviewing and Judging Applicants:

  • Dr. Mehmed Kantardzic, CECS Graduate Coordinator
  • Dr. Anup Kumar is the Certificate program Coordinator

Required Courses:

Total of 12 credit hours are required with 2 required courses and 2 elective courses.

The two required CECS courses are:

The two elective courses can be chosen from the following list of courses:

Students enrolled in degree-seeking programs in addition to the non-degree certificate program can apply for federal financial aid. Students only enrolled in the non-degree certificate programs are not eligible to receive federal aid. For more information contact the UofL Financial Aid Office.

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