Civil Engineering Courses

Course#Course TitlePrerequisite(P)/CoRequisite(C)Term Offered
CEE 205Mechanics I: Statics(P) ENGR 101; PHYS 298Fall, Spring, Summer
CEE 254Mechanics of Solids(P) CEE 205 (C) CEE 255Fall
CEE 255Mechanics of Materials Lab(C) CEE 254Fall
CEE 260Field Measurements(P) CEE 261Fall
CEE 261Field Measurements LabCoReq CEE 260)Fall
CEE 309Intro to Environmental EngrCHEM 201; PHYS 298)Summer
CEE 320Funds of Structural Analysis(P) CEE 254; ENGR 102Summer
CEE 370Engineering Hydraulics(P) CEE 254, ME 206, (C) CEE 371Spring
CEE 371Engineering Hydraulics LabCoReq CEE 370)Spring
CEE 420Indeterminant Structural Analys(P) CEE 320; (C)ENGR 307Spring
CEE 460Transportation Systems Engineering(P) CEE 260Spring
CEE 401Civil Engineering PracticeNone
CEE 422Fundamentals of Steel Design(P) CEE 420Fall
CEE 450Geomechanics(P) CEE 370; GEOS 301; (C) CEE 451Fall
CEE 451Geomechanics Lab(C)CEE 450Fall
CEE 470Surface Water Hydrology(P) CEE 370, IE 360Fall
CEE 421Fundamentals of Concrete Design(P) CEE 420Spring
CEE 452Foundation Engineering(P) CEE 420Spring
CEE 471Water Supply and Sewerage(P) CEE 470Spring
CEE 480Capstone(P) CEE 422, 460; (C)CEE 421, 452, 471Spring
CEE 530Construction Materials(P) CEE 254; CEE 255Spring