Environmental Engineering Approved Course List

500 Level Courses600 Level Courses

CHE 509 Environmental Process Systems; cross listed with CEE 509

CHE 620 Transport Phenomena

CHE 533 Chemical Engineering Safety and Health

CHE 637 Advanced Stagewise Processes

CHE 534 Industrial Waste Management;
Cross listed with CEE534

CHE 638 Advanced Absorption

CHE 535 Pollution Prevention (Waste Reduction Treatment and Disposal)

CHE 650 Membrane Separations

CHE 572 Plant Process and Project Design

CHE 662 Advanced Process Control

CEE 509 Environmental Process Systems;
Cross listed with CHE 509

CHE 694 Energy Challenges

CEE 534 Industrial Waste Management;
Cross listed with CHE 534

CHE 694 Renewable Energy Systems

CEE 535 Solid Waste Management

CEE 670 Advanced Hydraulics

CEE 561 Environmental Analysis of Transportation Systems I

CEE 673 Advanced Hydrology

CEE 570 Applied Hydraulics

CEE 674 Water Resource Systems

CEE 571 Applied Hydrology

CEE 675 Surface Water Quality

CEE 572 Open Channel Hydraulics

CEE 681 Green Engineering & Design

CEE 573 Groundwater Hydrology

CEE 694 Air Quality 

ME 560 Nuclear Engineering

CEE 694 Stream and Wetland Restoration

ME 570 Sustainable Energy Systems

CEE 694 Green Engineering and Sustainable Design

ME 580 Air Pollution Control

CEE 694 Advanced Environmental Processes and Systems

BIOL 521 Stream Ecology

CEE 694 Wetland Design

BIOL 522 Aquatic Ecology

ME 667 Solar Energy Applications

BIOL 568 Conservation Biology

ME 614 Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning

BIOL 662 Ecosystems Ecology

CHEM 622 Analytical Separations

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