Graduate Civil Engineering Programs

The Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering (MEng. CE)

The Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET. It is offered as part of an integrated five-year program through Speed School. The MEng. degree well-suited for students who have received their undergraduate degree in engineering from The University of Louisville's J.B. Speed School.

Learn more about the J.B. Speed School of Engineering program accreditation.

Although a student can enter the MEng. program as an undergraduate transfer who is currently enrolled or a recent graduate of an ABET accredited civil engineering program, almost all students who earn an undergraduate degree at a school or university other than the University of Louisville pursue the M.S. degree instead of the M.Eng. degree.

The Master of Science in Civil Engineering (MSCE)

The Master of Science in Civil Engineering is offered through School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies. The MSCE is available to those who currently hold a degree in civil engineering.

There is a non-thesis and thesis option available. Students who are interested in teaching or pursuing a Ph.D. have the option to complete a thesis, although the thesis is not mandatory.

Students can chose to focus their studies in one of the following areas*:

TitleFocus AreaCourses

Public Works Engineering

Geotechnical, transportation, or water resources area

CEE 552, 560, 571, 572, 573, 650, 653, 654, 660, 661,664, 665, 673, 675,681, 694
Facilities Engineering

Geotechnical, or structural area

CEE 522, 523, 552,590, 620, 621,623, 625, 626, 627, 650, 653, 654, 665, 681

*Fully-online students need to be aware that the MSCE online program currently offers a majority of it's courses in Transportation Engineering. The program was originally developed to offer a focus in the field of transportation engineering and is best suited for those pursuing a career in that field.

Master's Level Funding and Scholarships can be found at under the section "Financial Support" section.

Doctorate of Philosophy in Civil Engineering (Ph.D.)

Candidates for admission to the Civil Engineering Ph.D. program must satisfy the requirements for admission into both the Graduate School and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The Ph.D. degree program is intended for persons having an accredited masters and/or baccalaureate degree in civil engineering, but is available to those with other backgrounds.

Ph.D. Applications are admitted once per year in the fall. Applications for the Ph.D. program are due by January each year, for admission the following fall semester.

Graduate Coordinator for C.E.:

Dr. Nageshar R. Bhaskar, Professor
W.S. Speed, Room 102
Civil & Environmental Engineering
J.B. Speed School of Engineering
Louisville, KY 40292