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Center for Transportation Innovation

The Center for Transportation Innovation (CTI) houses the UofL component of a joint effort between the University of Kentucky Transportation Center (UKTC), the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC), and the University of Louisville.  This joint effort is the Academy for Community Transportation Innovation, which is housed at UKTC.  This Academy is a result of an earmark in the 2002 re-authorization of the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21), the ongoing federal surface transportation legislation.  The earmark established the Academy with the initial funding of $2 million.  Through 2008, the UofL CTI has expended nearly $1.2 million on projects related to transportation research and education.

The program is being administered by the University of Kentucky in collaboration with the University of Louisville in order to build on the strengths of both institutions.  The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is an active partner for program guidance.



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EDUCATION in the academy focuses on developing intellectual capacity for future years. It includes developing new curricula for engineers and providing opportunities for professional development for engineers and transportation professionals. It provides new techniques and essential skills required to design, build and manage the transportation system of the 21st century.



RESEARCH for the academy involves both basic and applied activities with a goal to accelerate transportation project development and enhance community involvement and environmental sensitivity. The CTI laboratory is the real world throughout Kentucky and focuses on opportunities such as:

    • Strengthening participatory planning and transportation project design processes

    • Modeling economic impact and transportation to optimize local development options

    • Enhancing community land use and open space with multimodal transportation facilities.

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