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Vision Statement

The vision, mission, participants and scope of work for the CIR.

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The Center for Infrastructure Research is a strong partnership between UofL, utilities and industry formed to research, educate and solve urban infrastructure-related issues and problems. The Center is a technical resource, knowledge center and educational provider for utilities, industry and the community.


The Center for Infrastructure Research serves to address the common interests of utilities, industry and UofL to:
· Combine skills and knowledge of multiple disciplines to perform applied research on urban infrastructure issues,
· Foster growth of the UofL research community,
· Leverage resources from multiple sponsors to address common issues,
· Perform relevant research by interested and qualified individuals,
· Provide continued education, training and resources to students, faculty, sponsors and the community, and
· Disseminate learned information through technical forums and publications.


The Center for Infrastructure Research develops relationships with utilities, industries, companies, governmental organizations, and educational institutions that have similar interests in urban infrastructure planning, management, maintenance, repair, and rehabilitation. Relationships are sought with local, national, and/or worldwide organizations and groups.


The Center for Infrastructure Research pursues projects and research in any area that pertains to urban infrastructure and the built environment. This work may focus on materials, methods, operations, processes and other components within energy, navigation, transportation, wastewater, water or other related disciplines.



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