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Welcome to the Center for Infrastructure Research

Short overview of the Center for Infrastructure Research (CIR) goals and purpose.

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The Center for Infrastructure Research (CIR) is a strong partnership between UofL, utilities and industry formed to research educate and solve urban infrastructure-related issues and problems. By combining the interests, needs, and synergies of the various participants, the center serves as a technical resource, knowledge center and educational provider. Participation and sponsorship of the center is open to all utilities, industries, governments, and organizations within the community who would benefit from, and contribute to, the knowledge base of urban infrastructure issues.


The CIR was formed in August 2002 through a partnership between the University of Louisville, the Metropolitan Sewer District and the Louisville Water Company. The following year Louisville Gas and Electric became a sponsor. The intent of the center is to leverage the limited resources of these sponsors and additional sponsors to solve common problems and then to disseminate the learned information. In this manner, resources can be extended and data can be generated to promote informed, intelligent, and rational decisions.

It is the duty of the center to perform research relevant to the sponsors needs by interested and qualified individuals. Additionally, the center strives to provide continued education, training and resources to sponsors, University of Louisville and the community at large. The results of the research conducted will be shared between sponsors and disseminated through technical forums and publications.

Utility/Industry Sponsors 

Louisville Gas and Electric

Louisville Water Company

Metropolitan Sewer District


Louisville, KY

Thomas D. Rockaway, Ph.D., P.E.
Director, Center for Infrastructure Research
Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky 40292

Office: 502/852-3272
Fax: 502/852-8851


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