Ease Up, Drive Green- New Traffic APP from Dr. Yi Chang Chiu

Dr. Yi Chang Chiu, an associate professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Arizona, has designed a phone app that will help reduce the issues of traffic in major metropolitan areas around the U.S. Chiu's app, called 'Metropia', helps the user plan out a route from one point to another based on current traffic patterns, not on distance. He hopes that his app will incentivize travelling at times of the day when traffic is less heavy, reducing commute times, energy consumption and environmental impact. He has implemented his design for New York City and Austin, TX so far, but has plans of expanding across the U.S. with the help of technology company Tech Transfer and the backing of the University of Arizona.

Read the full article at: http://www.wildcat.arizona.edu/article/2014/11/ua-professor-creates-traffic-decreasing-app