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Upcoming Classes-Fall 2013

The following Bioengineering courses are scheduled for Fall 2013:


BE288  BE Co-op Education Seminar

BE289  BE Co-op Education I

BE389  BE Co-op Education II

BE430  Biosystems Controls

BE453  Intro Molecular Bioengr

BE460  Biomechanics of Tissues & Organs

BE489  BE Co-op Education III

BE491  Econ, Ethics & FDA Regs

BE497  Bioengr Design Project

BE593  Independent Study in BE

BE602  BE Graduate Internship

BE621  Bioinstrumentation

BE640  Medical Image Analysis

BE650  Advanced Biomaterials

BE654  Advanced Physiology

BE658  Rehab Engr

BE693  Independent Study in BE

BE697  MEng Thesis in Bioengr


For more information, log onto ULink, Schedule of Courses, choose "Fall 2013", "Bioengineering" and press Search.

You may also call the Bioengineering Dept. at (502)852-6356.


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The course descriptions and class schedules provided herein are for the guidance of students. The University, however, reserves the right to change course descriptions and schedules without prior notice.

The provisions of this listing do not constitute an express or implied contract between the University and any member of the student body, faculty or general public.

The displayed information is the latest available from the Student Records system which is maintained by the Registars' office.


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