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BE-102 Intro to Bioengineering Design/Cardboard Chair Competition

Cardboard Chair Competition, BE-101, Principles of Bioengineering (formerly BE-102)

Fall Semester, 2006

Members of the Fall 2006 BE102 class were challenged to build a lightweight and strong chair using little more than corrugated fiberboard, otherwise known as "cardboard", that could pass many engineering criteria demonstrating the need for ergonomic, yet sturdy design principles. One of these chairs withstood over four thousand pounds of downward force to the seat.  Can you guess which one?  (Hint: If you sit on this chair, you may want a newspaper or a magazine [the all black one modeled after...a toilet].)

Spring Semester, 2007


It's that time again for the Spring 2007 BE101 students to create the ultimate sitting machine...the cardboard chair.  This semester eight teams battled for top chair, several of which had U of L themes and one used colors of one of its designer's favorite drinks...RedBull.  The Winner?  Have you ever noticed how sparsely the color red is used on the RedBull can or the completely re-designed for 2007, RedBull Cardboard Chair?

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