Bioengineering Faculty

NameTitleOffice #PhoneEmail
Bertocci, GinaEndowed Chair,
HSC Research Tower A, Room 204(502) 852-0296Email Gina Bertocci
Bertocci, Karen FrostAssoc. Prof. TermHSC Instruct. Bldg B, Room 110(502) 852-0279Email Karen Frost Bertocci
El-Baz, AymanProf., Dept. ChairLutz Hall, Room 444(502) 852-5092Email Ayman El-Baz
Frieboes, Hermann B.
Assoc. Prof.Lutz Hall, Room 416 and CTRB, Room 210(502) 852-3302Email Hermann Frieboes
Giridharan, GuruprasadProf.Lutz Hall, Room 404(502) 852-2589Email Guruprasad Giridharan
Keynton, Robert S.Prof., Lutz Endowed Chair of Biomechanical Devices, BioengineeringShumaker Research Bldg., Room 357(502) 852-4436Email Robert Keynton

Koenig, Steven

Prof., Endowed Chair of Cardiac Implant ScienceCII, Room 408 and Lutz Hall, Room 431(502) 852-7320Email Steve Koenig
Kopechek, JonathanAsst. Prof.Lutz Hall, Room 419(502) 852-8205Email Jonathan Kopechek
O'Toole, MartinAsst. Prof.Lutz Hall, Room 411(502) 852-4044Email Martin O'Toole

Roussel, Tommy

Asst. Prof TermLutz Hall, Room 414(502) 852-3971Email Tommy Roussel
Soucy, PatriciaAsst. Prof.Shumaker Research Building, Room 356(502) 852-8321Email Patricia Soucy
Steinbach-Rankins, JillAsst. Prof.Clinical & Translational Research, Rm. 623502-852-5486Email Jill Steinbach-Rankins
Voor, MichaelAssoc. Prof.Lutz Hall, Room 416(502) 852-7067Email Michael Voor