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Student Outreach


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U of L has been active in demonstrating and particiapting in educational outreach programs, conducting facility tours and making educational materials available to area students to promote science and technology as a viable and rewarding career path.  Every year hundreds of people are invited to U of L to walk through the laboratories and view facilities and equipment in operation.  Faculty and staff spend many hours preparing public exhibitions to demonstrate what kinds of science and research the University of Louisville does and how it benefits people and the local economy.  Groups like the Black Achievers Engineering cluster, Boy and Girl Scouts of America, High School and Middle School science classes during Career Days, the summer INSPIRE programs and governmental officials come to UofL to become famililar with the technology and research that is performed here. Many more programs are being planned to display the capabilities of U of L in the public and other educational systems, and to attract and empower young people from across the state and local regions.  U of L administrators are developing summer programs to introduce these technologies to math and science high school teachers who can then teach their students about the exciting opportunities offered in the Biomedical/Bioengineering and Micro/Nano Technology fields.

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