UofL signs MoU with Mansoura University

May 2, 2018

 Last week, the University of Louisville and Mansoura University in Egypt were united through a Memorandum of Understanding, signed by interim Provost Dr. Dale Billingsley. The MoU builds a community between the two universities, which now are set to offer joint degree programs, while fostering research and collaboration between both. The MoU, which affords opportunities for multi-cultural exchange, was spearheaded by Dr. Ayman El-Baz of the Department of Bioengineering with help by Dr. Guruprasad Anapathur Giridharan. 

“The MoU and the following programs will enhance UofL research and scholarly productivity, UofL reputation and recognition, and revenue, fister cultural exchange, and help train future scholars and thought leaders in Egypt,” said Giridharan.

The relationship between the Speed School and Mansoura University will provide access to a high caliber of international students, students who are either self-funded or who receive access to government scholarships. Additionally, it will help expedite the reciprocal share of data, including access to information from Mansoura medical centers, which contains large data sets integral to developing and validating big data approaches to medicine.

The MoU has already yielded results, intellectual property and manuscripts for the department of Bioengineering, and promises to enrich all parties involved. In addition to the already robust relationships established specifically between Bioengineering and Mansoura, Dr. Adel Elmaghraby, the chair of the Department of Computer Engineering and Computer Science was present as well, expanding the collaboration beyond the confines of any one field of discipline.

According to Giridharan, this is only the beginning.

“We have letters of intent from other international universities and the BE department is currently in discussions with five international universities to sign MoUs, The chair of Abu Dhabi University came to visit us last week and the Dean of Abu Dhabi university is expected to visit the BE department in May.”