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Bioengineering Full-Time Faculty


Dr.Keynton Dr.G.Bertocci Dr.K.Bertocci Dr.ElBaz Dr.Frieboes Dr.Giridharan Dr.Koenig

Dr. O'Toole

Dr.Soucy Dr. Steinbach

keynton_100h BertocciGina_100h kfbertocci_100h ElBazAyman_100h FrieboesHermann_100h GiridharanGuru_100h KoenigSteven_100h faculty_OToole_100h TSoucy_100h JSteinbach_100h

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The Faculty in the Bioengineering Department at the University of Louisville are a group of professionals who share a common excitement for the opportunities that a career in Bioengineering can offer.  Still a young department, not unlike the subject of study it represents, the Bioengineering Department maintains a variety of expertise in the growing fields of biomedicine, biomechanics, biomimetics and biomaterials.   These faculty are committed to guiding students in the right direction through study, education, and research.

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