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Dr. Andrea S. Gobin


GobinContact Information:

University of Louisville
Speed - Bioengineering
356 Shumaker Research Building
Louisville, KY 40292
O: 502-852-8321
F: 502-852-1577


Curriculum Vitae (pdf format)getadoberdr


BioMimetics Laboratory

Research Focus and Interests:

The primary focus of my research is to develop biomaterials with mimics in structure and/or function of natural extracellular matrices (ECM) for basic science and tissue engineering applications.  Understanding how the structural and functional components of ECM proteins interact and how to implement these relationships in synthetic environments can aid in developing novel biomaterials to use as instruments and tools in building basic science knowledge as well as scaffolds and instructional materials for tissue engineering.

The materials of interests are 1) polyethylene glycol (PEG) hydrogels with both chemical and structural mimics incorporated and 2) silk fibroin materials.  PEG biomimetic materials are being used to develop vascular beds for cardiovascular research and applications.  In combination with microfluidic devices, systems can be developed that mimic spatial, biochemical and temporal components of the ECM.  Silk fibroin materials are being developed for drug delivery and tissue engineering applications.  Due to silk fibroin’s strength, compatibility, and affinity for polysaccharides, it can be used to multiple applications with little modification.

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