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Dr. Andrea S. Gobin's BioMimetics Laboratory

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 Current Members in BioMimetics Lab


Current Research Projects:

  1. Endothelial Cell Morphogenesis and Capillary Formation Within PEG Hydrogels

  2. Antibiotic and Biofilm-degrading Enzyme Delivery from Silk Fibroin Catheter Coating to Reduce CRBSIs

  3. Endothelial Cell Morphogenesis on PLLA-PEO-PLLA MicroFibers

  4. Bruch's Membrane Regeneration for AMD Patients
  5. Silk Fibroin Mimetic Hydrogels


Relevant Publications: (Past 10, see CV for complete list)

  1. AS Gobin, CE Butler, AB Mathur.  “Repair and Regeneration of the Abdominal Wall Musculofascial Defect using Silk Fibroin-Chitosan Blend.” Tissue Engineering (2006) 12;12:3883
  2. AS Gobin, R Rhea, RA Newman, AB Mathur.  “Silk Fibroin Coated Liposomes for Long-Term and Targeted Drug Delivery.”  International Journal of Nanomedicine (2006) 1;1:81-87
  3. SA Delong, AS Gobin, JL West.  “Covalent Immobilization of RGDS on Hydrogel Surfaces to Direct Cell Alignment and Migration.”  Journal of Controlled Release (2005) 109;1-3:139-148
  4. AS Gobin, VE Froude, AB Mathur.  “Structural and Mechanical Characteristics of Silk Fibroin and Chitosan Blend Scaffolds.”  Journal of Biomedical Materials Research (2005) 74A;3:465-473
  5. PN Patel, AS Gobin, JL West, CW Patrick Jr.  “Poly (ethylene glycol) hydrogel system supports preadipocyte viability, adhesion and proliferation.” Tissue Engineering (2005) 11;9-10:1498-1505
  6. A.L. Gonzalez, A.S. Gobin, J.L. West, L.V. McIntire, C.W. Smith.  “Integrin interactions with immobilized peptides in polyethylene glycol diacrylate hydrogels.”  Tissue Engineering (2004) 10;11/12: 1775-1786
  7. AS Gobin, JL West. “Effects of Epidermal Growth Factor on Fibroblast Migration Through Bimimetic Hydrogels.”  Biotechnology Progress (2003) 19:1781-1785
  8. RH Schmedlen, WM Elbjeirami, AS Gobin, JL West.  “Tissue Engineered Small Diameter Vascular Grafts.” Clinics of Plastic Surgery (2003) 30:507-518
  9. AS Gobin, JL West.  "Val-Ala-Pro-Gly, an elastin-derived non-integrin ligand: Smooth muscle cell adhesion and specificity." Journal of Biomedical Materials Research (2003) 67A:255-259
  10. AS Gobin, JL West.  "Cell migration through defined, synthetic ECM analogs."  FASEB Journal (2002) 16;7:751-753

Current Collaborators:

  • Carolyn Klinge – Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, School of Medicine
  • Robert Keynton - Department of Bioengineering, Speed School of Engineering
  • Robert Cohn - Department of ElectroOptics Research Institute & Nanotechnology Center
  • Carmen V. Sciortino Jr. - Department of Microbiology and Molecular Pathology, Veterans Affairs Medical Center
  • Henry J. Kaplan - Department of Opthalmology and Visual Sciences
  • Tongalp H. Tezel - Department of Opthalmology and Visual Sciences





  • American Heart Association Scientist Development Grant, "Guided Endothelial Cell Morphogenesis, Organization and Vessel Formation in Instructional Hydrogels", 2006-2010
  • National Science Foundation EPSCoR Grant (0814194), "Engineering Platform for Exploring Cellular and Molecular Signaling Processes", 2008-2013


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