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Team El Baz Snag Top Honor at MICCAI Conference, Nagoya, Japan

It was a competition at the MICCAI (Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention) International Conference.  The MICCAI conference is a premiere international conference for medical imaging with an acceptance rate for posters and oral presentations being 20% and 5%, respectively.

This year, MICCAI held a competition on Brain Image Segmentation of Magnetic Resonance Images.   Specifically, the competition consisted of two stages, an off-site and on-site competition.  For the off-site portion, researchers from across the globe were required to register online and download 17 data sets which the respective teams evaluated with their custom software/algorithms.  A total of 86 teams from around the world participated in the Challenge.  The top 12 finalists were selected to compete in the on-site competition at the 2013 MICCAI Conference in Nagoya, Japan.  The list of finalists are provided in the attachments, but again, they include some of the top imaging groups in the world, including 2 teams from Johns Hopkins, University Medical Center in Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Sweden.  His team won 1st place in this prestigious challenge competition, which is a significant achievement!

Below from the MR BrainS publication announcement:

"The final ranking was based on the evaluation results for both the on-site and off-set data sets. The data sets were comprehensively evaluated using the DICE, Modified Hausdorff Distance and Abs. Volume Difference for the White Matter (WM), Gray Matter (GM), and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) tissues in the human brain. Each team received a rank, 1 being best and 11 being worst, for each of the tissue types based on the average of the evaluation metrics. The final score was determined by adding up the total scores for each team, and the team with the lowest score were the international winners of the MRBrainS13 challenge. The University of Louisville BioImaging Laboratory was awarded the first prize for their work!"

MICCAI_ElBaz_etalphoto courtesy of MRBrainS


"The first prize was awarded to Team UofL BioImaging (BioImaging Laboratory, Bioengineering Dept., University of Louisville, Louisville, KY, USA"











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