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BioEngineering Contact

Contact the Bioengineering Dept...

Belknap Research Building

Lutz Hall

J.B. Speed Building

The University of Louisville Bioengineering Department is located on the Fourth Floor of Lutz Hall on the Belknap Campus in beautiful Louisville, Kentucky.   The Speed School of Engineering is located on the corner of Eastern Parkway and 3rd street in downtown Louisville.

For more information, please contact:


Dr. Robert S. KeyntonBioengineering Chair
University of Louisville, Belknap Campus

Phone:   (502) 852-6356
Fax:    (502) 852-6806

Address: Department of Bioengineering
  419 Lutz Hall  ( Our Location )
  University of Louisville
  Louisville, KY 40208

Email: BioEngineering Dept., Nancy Hansford, Administrative Assistant, email Nancy



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